Twilight Fun

This morning I woke up without an alarm (long awaited!) and went for a beautiful bike ride around Athens and ended with a relaxing walk with Campy. I must say that our little furry one just loves traveling and seeing new places. He has no shortage of energy likely due to me carrying him around with large crowds to prevent him from barking at every fast-moving object and dog that he sees. And believe me, there are MANY fast moving objects here in Athens with a gazzilion bikes between college students and cyclists.
Karel warmed up this morning and watched the Master 35+ race and we had lunch at our favorite Taco restaurant in downtown Athens. I just LOVE the tofu burrito and nothing beats a local restaurant. Last night we had Italian and I enjoyed my artichoke and mushroom pizza while Karel enjoyed his angel hair pasta with chicken (and some of my pizza). Thank goodness for outdoor seating because what's a trip without Campy joining us for every meal and activity.

Now the waiting begins until the BIG race tonight at 8:45pm (although, they never start on time). 2 hours of craziness filled with speed, adrenaline and crashes. Sadly, the corners are tight and with 150 riders fighting to stay on a wheel, the "hot" corners are not where I like to watch.

I think this is the link for LIVE action:

*Good luck all St. Anthony athletes and anyone else racing this weekend (St. Croix, Fl state cycling race)