Getting closer....

As my journey to the Ironman World Championship continues I get more nervous and excited. I've had a lot of great advice from people and the best suggestion is to just take the course for what it is. I've done the work on the bike and I will continue to get stronger and faster in the next couple of weeks before my taper. Hopefully everything will come together and I will peak just in time for race day!
Tonight was pretty excited. After a morning of swimming 3400 (thanks Matt for the 10 x 100 IM pull set!!!), 7.2 miles on the treadmill for my interval workout and a hot 30 mile spin in the afternoon I am spending my evening reading (and re-reading) the Ironman Athlete Guide!!! http://www.ironman.com/assets/files/races/worldchampionship/pdf/2007cig.pdf
Now everything is getting real. The only thing left is to get my aero helmet and get my race number! Karel is really helping me out and getting Seduza race-ready. New tires, new tubes and lots of maintenance needs to keep her in good shape. Especially since I am putting in a good 250-280 weekly miles with my Kona training.
Thanks everyone for your support. Although I am keeping myself busy with lots of non-tri related stuff, my friends and family really make it easy to focus on Kona.