I'm Pleased..let the REAL training begin.

What a wet week. So much rain and it really affected my training. Tuesday I had a great swim/run workout and I really busted my butt on the treadmill. No evening bike and I really didn't feel like it either. Sometimes the tuesday am workout really wipes out my legs so I am ok with no evening ride on tuesday. Wednesday morning I had my spin class and because I was predicting rain and no evening ride, I really pushed my class hard for our 45 min. class. We did hills, sprints and lots of fun stuff on our spinning bikes. After the spin class I usually rest my legs and go for a swim after weight training, but I opted for a 5 mile interval run on the treadmill to give my legs a good brick workout. Again, I anticipated no evening ride. Well, weather was ok at 5:30 so i hoped on the road bike and headed out for my 45 min. ride to meet the group in Landsbrook. There was only a handfull of us (around 15) and the rain started to come down around loop 1 of our ride. Oh well..it will rain in a race so I better train in the rain. Those who stayed (around 10 of us) had a really strong ride and I was cautious around the four corners on each loop. I just can't believe how much I am improving on the bike. I amaze myself everytime I'm on the bike. So that may sound arrogant of me to talk about my improvements but from where I was 2 years ago when I started on a trek with aerobars I couldn't even balance myself on those bars and I was always falling when I clipped in. Even last summer, i could barely make warm-up with the Gearlink guys on wed. evening. So, on wed. in the rain not only did I make all 5 loops but I was able to sit on a couple wheels for the final sprint. And, I had a couple guys sitting on my wheel on the last loop. All this training will pay off for Kona, i just know it. My goal after IMFL was to improve on the bike. I feel my skills and confidence on the bike have allowed me to push harder. Now with 9 weeks to go until Kona, I will start adding mega volume to my cycling with centuries and longer brikes off the longer bike rides.
Thursday was just a rainy day and as I usually do, I took off the day because my race was two days away (Sat-Top Gun Tri). Friday I did do a workout since tapering for a sprint triathlon wouldn't do a lot for me. I had a nice 30 mile bike followed by a 30 min. run and I felt really strong on the bike.
Today was the Top Gun Triathlon and I couldn't be more pleased with my 7th place overall finish, 3rd in Elite. I averaged almost 22 mph on the bike and I couldn't be more pleased. My swim was strong and I hung on for the run. I was running about a minute faster last summer but then again I was cycling 2-3 mph slower last year as well. I would rather be a sub 3:30 marathoner than a sub 20 min. 5Ker...so I guess I will keep working on my endurance and speed for the long haul. Karel and I are heading to San Antonio tomorrow where I will cycle in the hills like Karel does every sunday. If I can stay consistent on the Sunday rides in San Antonio I know I will feel more confident for my 112 mile bike ride in Kona.
Great job to everyone at Top Gun Triathlon today. I saw a lot of people out there and I couldn't believe how many newbies have caught the tri bug. A big congrats to Hunter and his sis for an awesome race and to the SwimFit triathlon swimmers who I swim with on tues/thurs. The girls I raced against were tough but I enjoy the competition. Congrats to all!! Time to rest....