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Speaking of Triathlons.....

My favorite time of the year...
The weather is changing to cooler temps, here in Florida, while most of the country is struggling finding the warmth to drive to the gym. As for me, my foot is feeling healthy and I am so pleased with my quick (3 week) recovery. My cycling is strong, the swimming is going great and I am anxious to get back on my feet for a long run. The goal for next week is to get in a couple days of running, but nothing long and nothing too quick. Just to run will make my day! Wish me luck for hopefully my last weekend of no running.
It is no surprise that I have been spending a lot of time on my bike. I have been approached by many friends in the area that they have spotted me on my bike around Clearwater and New Port Richey and I love it when people see me riding. Hey, that's cool if you see me riding. Just don't honk...I might fall! :)
I have been swimming with a masters team to pass the solo time in the pool and come the summer, I will be swimming with a HS swim team to step up the training. I know how I was swimming in HS and if I could even keep up with some of the ridiculously fast swimmers, I will be more than happy.
The cycling season is on its way and I will be spending Saturday and Sunday watching road races and crits in San Antonio. I tell ya, you can't get me away from something swim-bike-run related!
Onto the good news, I have signed with two major sponsors, which include several sponsorship agreements. My sponsorship with Amino Vital will end in the next month and I am sad to end a great season with a wonderful sponsor. It is very important to me to not only represent my sponsor, but to actually believe in them. As far as Amino Vital, I don't know how I could train without their products!
With many opportunities to represent my sponsors I am looking forward to the upcoming racing season. With my eyes set on a great race in Kona, my season includes St.Anthony's, Ford Ironman 70.3 Florida, Morton Plant Mease Triathlon and several sprint triathlons. As far as the sponsors, I'll announce those sponsorships soon. Oh the suspense.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's day. Although there are many people in my life that I regularly give love to, I am thankful that I know so many people who have helped me in so many ways.
Oh, by the way. A big package is on its way to my place today. Inside the box it will include two wheels, a light frame and handlebars that drop down and not straight out. Hummmm...what could it be???? Oh am I excited!!! How can I keep affording this sport????!!!!! :)