Race weekend and Ironman is on TV!

Karel has a big race this weekend. The Race for Humanity Road Race and Crit. We are both really excited because this could be a really good weekend for Karel. As for me, I will be cheering while Karel is beating himself to the ground to pull out a good finish. I told him that he knows the race will be hard but the more you want it, the harder you will have to work. Aside from cheering for his team (Linder Capital) I will be practicing my almost perfect feed zone water bottle passes. I think I am 100% accurate but perhaps there were 1 or 2 times at Karel's first race which I watched where I didn't run fast enough as I was passing him the bottle. It's very hard when they are racing for 75-100 miles but I only see him once every 15-20 miles (or every 45 min). That is a lot of pressure. I thought watching the race was stressful but when I see them coming around the corner, I am scared out of my mind that I will mess up and Karel won't be able to grab his Hammer Sports Drink. Oh the pressure!! Just kidding :) I will be at the race most of the day tomorrow. I will start off my day with a 3 hour ride but then I will have to be snappy to take a shower and get in a good breakfast. Karel's race starts at 12:30 and it is 84 miles in the hills of Florida (san antonio). Sunday at 12:15 Karel has the Crit in Dade City which will be super hard and super fast...just like the road race. I will post updates by the end of the weekend. The best of luck to Karel and his team!!!
And since you have nothing else to do, don't forget to watch the Ford Ironman World Championships on NBC at 2 EST on Saturday. If you are missing that push or a little inspiration to step up (or start) your training program, just watch the broadcast and you will be ready to swim, bike and run in no time. And be sure to tape the broadcast. During the last 5 minutes, you will see me cross (be carried away) on the finish line. My head is down, I have my oakley pink sunglasses on and a white Zoot jersey. You can also see my big polar watch. If you don't see me but you see the 80 year olds just skipping across the line like the Ironman was a walk in the park, then you went too far :) Oh the memories of crossing that finish line. It still hurts to think about it but it was so worth it!