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70.3 World Championship Spectator Race Report

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was pooped last night. After getting home at 6pm and eating dinner shortly after, I worked on a case study microbiology report for about an hour and my brain turned off around 8pm. I called Karel to tell him good-night and Campy and I were ready for bed at 915pm.
The night went by fast and I felt like I was racing this morning. The alarm went off at 4:35am and Campy was in no mood to get up. So, it was just me getting ready this morning and I threw on my running shorts, tank top and visor and with my coffee in my hand I was out the door at 5am. I headed south to downtown Clearwater and at 545am I was parking for the shuttle.
I boarded the shuttle and I was at the beach by 6:10am.
I met up with Kate, her sis and family and I had my camera ready to go. Unfortunately, my rechargeable batteries are slowly approaching their last charge. I did make my near-empty battery last for the entire race by prioritizing my pics to the pros, my local friends and my blogging buddies.
The race was awesome for everyone out there and although it started out cool, it turned hot, hot, hot by 10am.
My good friends Hunter and Ange joined me for most of the race and after watching the pro's start and finish we headed to a local breakfast spot for a yummy garden omelet. After breakfast it was time to watch the Pro's come in and we timed it just perfect to see the men come in, followed by the pro women.
After seeing the pros it was time to find our spot for the age groupers coming in off the bike. So the end of the bike looked more like a group ride rather than a non-drafting triathlon but as I always say, it is what it is...just deal with it.
I spotted Ange and Kate and I had a few hellos from other local friends who were also spectating. I met up with Mel (CrazyMel) and it was just great to be around so many enthusiastic athletes. I was super excited to see Ange blow up the course and place 5th in her age group (35-39) for her 3rd 70.3!!! I've been working with Ange for the past 2 1/2 years on her nutrition and I've seen her progress as a "just do it" triathlete to a top age-grouper. Kate also looked great on her bike and although she pulled it out on the run, her tan looked just great (my way of motivating her to just enjoy the day :).
After spending all morning at the race, it was 1pm and time for me to head home for the dreaded homework. Time to get back to realty. I bumped into my buddy Dan as I was walking to the shuttle and luckily, he didn't arrest me. :) Dan (and his buddy John) are my good friends that I coached for this race last year. They represented the Clearwater police department and I had worked with them for an entire summer. What great guys!!! Also, in the future it might pay off to have a cop/friend in my life :)
As I was riding back to my car I did a bit of reflecting. I think this race was a good close to a chapter in my life. Not sure when the chapter started and why it ended today but I believe that this next year is going to be really exciting. I just love watching athletes work so hard for individual goals and it really inspires me to see all types of people out at races (no matter what the race). With a marathon, IM and the end of my schooling all approaching in 2009, I am really looking forward to the upcoming months. Also, with Karel in my life, I am so lucky to have such a wonderful, supportive best friend/husband o help me through all the obstacles I face and inspire me along the way. Lastly, what would I do without my blogging friends. I have learned so much from people out there and I love hearing about the good and bad days from people just like myself...people who love staying active, eating healthy and working hard for a goal/dream.
Enjoy the pics!



That would be Campy and me.
My morning started at 4:40am. Campy was in no mood to get up but he didn't want to be alone in bed. Karel is usually the one who gets Campy up in the morning (yes-Campy LIKES to sleep in until about 6:30!! Who does that in the Sumbal household???)
After I quickly made my coffee and let Campy out for a quick squirt in the bushes I was off to the Y.
5:15am I was on the treadmill and 1 hour and 35 minutes later I had ran a little over 12 miles. Because the treadmill only allowed me to do 30 continuous minutes, the workout went by super fast. It was more like 3 x 30 min sessions. I did get a little bored (even with my radio) after the first 30 min. so I did my favorite quickie set of 6 min @ 7.7mph
6 x 45 sec @ 9mph
5 min @ 7.7
5 x 45 sec @ 9mph
I finished my sweaty workout with some crunches and I went home to take a shower. Now that I think about it, I usually do my "long" run with toast and PB and this morning I had water during the workout and nothing before. I guess my body is pretty efficient right now. Time to really step up the training for the upcoming races!
I made myself a PB@J for the road and Campy and I were off to Clearwater.
Plans changed for us today because Kate had a few misfortunes with her trip and housing situation.I'm sure she will explain on her blog but lets just say that the airlines do not cater to World Championship 70.3 Triathlete gear bags and you might not be able to get into the rental house that you already paid for.
Anyways, I met Kate's sister (Chelley) at the Pier and Campy introduced himself to Kate. Since we haven't seen each other since Iron Girl Atlanta, it was great to see her!
I ran into a few other familiar faces and everyone congratulated me on the marriage and asked where my husband was at. Well, I left him at home and took the dog with me :)
After driving the bike course with Kate, her sis and her two friends, Chelley dropped off Kate at the Sheraton to shower and rest and Chelley and I picked up John at the airport. At this point (around 12:30) we were STARVING so we stopped by MOE's (karel and my favorite fast food/sit down restaurant) and I got the personal trainer salad and Chelley got herself and John the Homewrecker (Love the name, right?). I recommend that wrap because that is Karel's favorite.
After picking up John, we headed back to the pier and I was dropped off to meet up with my friend Angela ( who I had never met! She was one of my first nutrition consultations about 2 1/2 years was so nice to put a face to a name. I didn't even say "nice to meet you" cause I felt like I already knew her so well. I just love meeting bloggers!
After chatting a bit I had to make a quick phone call to Karel for her regarding tire pressure the night before a race and tubular tires and it was nice to talk to Karel for the third time today (yes, we talk a lot. Short convos and lots of texts. I just can't get enough of him and usually I inconveniently call when he is super busy at work).
After getting my car (and a parking ticket...errr) I headed to Kate's hotel to give her the FELT and say good-bye. I had a little goodie bag for her but of course, it was her favorite goodies for AFTER the race. TOOTSIE ROLLS of course and Twizlers. Gotta have something to look forward to for after the race.
So, after intending to spend the night, Campy and I headed home to my parents and I will head down to Clearwater at 5am in the morning.
Campy was a trooper today. He was super tired in the car and slept on any lap he could find for the many hours we were driving around and he had a great time sniffing and squirting (peeing) on every new spot in clearwater beach. He was absolutely the center of attention and aside from giving a big bark to show off his manliness to a few bikes and dogs, he was his normal kind, loving, sweet self and everyone wanted to pet him. Even Desiree Ficker greeted Campy in the water as we were walking to go see Kate. Yep, Campy is one lucky dog :) I wish I had a pic of that one. I think Karel would have liked a pic of Desiree too.
As for tomorrow, I am sure I will have plenty of pics. However, Campy will not be coming with me. He was so tired and worn out today and it was just a lot for him. I'm sure he would be fine tomorrow but it is hard to take pics, get food, go to the bathroom and watch a race with a dog. I love my doggy but it is the World Championships and I must have my game face on :)
Good luck to everyone tomorrow. I can't wait to cheer loud for everyone! Aside from the IMAZ athletes, I think Sunday will officially start the triathlon off-season for most people!!! :)WAHOO


He's a little nervous but excited

This morning I ran a bit more than I had intended. I had 6 pages of DNA replication, antiobiotic structures and other "entertaining" microbacterial facts and the time flew by as I studied for my microbiology exam.....9.7 miles later Karel had arrived and he ran on the treadmill next to me as I walked my cool-down. Yep, almost 10 miles on the treadmill and I only ran without my notes for 30 minutes. This kind of studying got me through grad school and I would much rather get in a good sweat than sit in on the couch in my sweats and study.
Karel and I lifted for about 20 minutes and I went home to quickly shower, change, prepare my oatmeal and hit the road. 20 minutes later I was at school and ready for my microbiology exam.
After my exam I spent the morning texting Kate. I am super excited to see her and hopefully, lots more bloggers down in Clearwater. Kate's bike is all fixed up with a little love from Karel and I will be hand delivering it to her on fri morning at 9am sharp. I am looking forward to my trip because I will also see my parents on thurs. It's only been a week but I miss them a lot since the wedding.
Well, the person who is super excited (and doesn't know it) is CAMPY!
This will be Campy's first triathlon weekend and what a weekend. He is going to watch the Ironman 70.3 World Championships! What a lucky dog. Campy will be with me all day on fri and we will spend the night at Kate's rental house on fri night. I'm sure we will have an Outback run for dinner on fri night but other than that, it is Campy and I, together, all weekend! Karel will be staying in Jacksonville and working on Sat :( I'll miss my husband (and my best friend) but it is nothing abnormal for one of us to attend a race and the other one to train. However, this time around neither of us will be racing but I'm sure we will both be training.
I'm really looking forward to heading to the race. I get so excited to watch people race and after the past few weekends, I've been inspired by so many blogs that I just can't wait to race again. I'm also excited that I can show off Campy and of course, wear him out like I usually do :) He's just a little ball of energy.
I'm so happy I have triathlons in my life. It is such a way of life that I don't know what I would do without a lifestyle of swimming, biking and running. More than training my body, triathlons teaches me so much about myself. At first I was obsessed with the sport and my life revolved around training. After taking on more responsibilities (school, a dog, a husband and sports nutrition) I have learned how to balance my life and see triathlons as a hobby. When I view my training as a choice, rather than something I have to do, it is so much more enjoyable and I love waking up each morning and learning something new about myself. It's been a while since I have taken a race seriously so I will use my upcoming half marathon and marathon as a way to get myself psyched for my upcoming season and upcoming Ironman!
Alright, time to dinner ready and get packing for my trip to Clearwater!

For all my clearwater folks..This was Karel and I the day after our wedding on Clearwater beach. Yes, the sand is still that white but the air is getting cooler (and so is the water!)


BOO for school, YAY for workouts!

School is taking the best of me right now. I am SO over it! I feel like I have senior-itis and I'm not even close to being finished. Ok, so maybe I am with only 3 semesters to go but my little schedule of two classes, two days a week is getting to me. I just want to learn at school and go home to my campy, smudla and Karel. NO MORE STUDYING!!! ERRRRR. Where is that stupid light at the end of this LONG, LONG tunnel...oh yeah, that RD behind my name!! Luckily, I will get to apply to an internship in September since I will be finished with my dietetic program in the fall. I am applying to the MayoClinic and hopefully, I will be accepted and all this studying will pay off.
As for my other passion,
training is going great! I am a bit more focused now that I have two races approaching. I will be doing the Outback half marathon on Thanksgiving and the Jacksonville Marathon in the end of December. Also, with Karel starting his base training, it is nice to have a partner at the Y when I lift. We always have so much fun together doing our plyometrics but for now, I will let Karel enjoy his soreness after not lifting weights for the past few months. I know he dreads this time of the year (he actually ran for 10 min on the treadmill on mon!) but we both know that there are things we must do to get stronger for our upcoming seasons. And with all the amazing finishes at Kona and IMFL (and upcoming finishes at worlds) I'm super excited for my upcoming IM in Kentucky!
Here is the workout for this morning:

400 warm-up
4 x 200's pull
12 x 50's breastroke (1-3 kick, 4-6 1 pull, 2 kick, 5-8 fly kick w/ breast pull, 9-12 swim)
Main set (2x's):
300 kick (middle 100 breastroke)
100 breastroke
3 x 100's (1:25, 1:20, 1:15)

warm-down 100

Treadmill RUN
10 min warm-up @ 7.2mph (entire workout on a .5 incline. NO more 0 until after IMKY)
Main set:
5 x 45 sec @ 8.8 (15 sec straddle treadmill recovery)
3 x 2 min @ 8.5 w/ 1:15 recovery @ 7.5 mph
5 x 45 sec @ 8.8 (15 sec straddle treadmill recovery)
3 x 2 min @ 8.5 w/ 1:15 recovery @ 7.5 mph
5 min walk cool-down
Total: 5.9 miles, 40 min.


Avoiding Off-Season Weight Gain

ATTENTION: 70.3 World Championship and IMAZ triathletes...this doesn't apply to you!! Stay focused with your training and read this article so you can be ready for your off-season. However, for everyone else....time to get motivated and start exercising!!!!
I had to write this article because this is a topic that so many people struggle with in the off-season. Karel takes off from everything active for a week whereas I exercise 7 days a week (give or take a day off every now and then) for about 3-4 weeks. After our "off" period from training we both enjoy the aerobic workouts which comprise our build phase of our training.
If you want to race fast and be strong in your build phase, be sure to keep up with the "exercising" in the off-season. Every triathlete needs a strong heart..don't stop exercising it!

Avoiding Off-Season Weight Gain
By: Marni Rakes

Sadly, the triathlon season is quickly coming to an end and, unless you live in a year-round warm state, the number of local running races has dwindled down to a few "chilly willy" 10Ks. Your structured routine of swimming, biking and/or running has allowed you to participate in many competitive events this past season, but now it is time to say "hello" to the off-season.

To most athletes, the off-season is a welcomed change after a long summer of high-volume training weeks. You've spent countless weeks preparing for races and the off-season allows you to relax your mind, body and soul. However, for many athletes, the off-season also brings unwanted pounds, a loss of motivation and a diet of tasty, although unhealthy, foods. While sleeping until 7:00 a.m. is a nice alternative to waking up to a 5:00 a.m. alarm, it is important that you do not get too relaxed with your laid-back training routine.

In order to avoid weight gain in the off-season, and potentially drop those extra pounds that you attempted to lose during your race season, it is critical that you stay in shape during the next four to five winter months. Staying in shape will ensure you do not comprise your upcoming competitive racing season. In other words, remove the word "training" from your vocabulary and simply exercise to stay in shape, burn calories and strengthen your heart. I promise, even if you are that type-A personality who relies on a strict schedule, you can lose weight, get stronger and gain speed in the off-season, all without sticking to a structured training routine.

Weight Loss With Exercise

You've already come to terms with your intense interval track workouts, long hours on the road and tedious hours in the pool, but the off-season should not be associated with structured activity. The off-season should be fun. You should not wake up in the morning and dread going to the gym to exercise. Your environment and choice of activities should adapt in order to keep your routine exciting.

Even though you are not training specifically for a race, exercise should be a vital component in your off-season routine. It is necessary to raise the heart rate to a moderate intensity in order to lose weight and improve cardiovascular fitness. An athlete exercising moderately on a daily basis, with a slight reduction in calories, will be able to lose weight in the off-season.

Depending on your lifestyle, mix and match the following workouts in order to stay in shape, tone up and most importantly, have fun during the off-season!

*Try to stay active for at least one hour, five to six days each week.
*Try to elevate the heart rate to 75-85 percent max heart rate for at least 30 min. of every 1 hour of exercising. If you are exercising for more than an hour, be sure to keep the exercising primarily aerobic (75-80 percent), with only a few intervals at 85-90 percent max heart rate.


Run 2-4 days a week
Workout 1: 40-45 minute run (intervals)
Workout 2: 50 minute - 1 hour run
Workout 3: 1 hour 10 minute - 1 hour 15 minute run
Workout 4: 2 x 35 minute runs (morning and evening)

Biking 2-4 days a week
Workout 1: 45-60 minute spin class
Workout 2: 2 x 45 minute spin classes (morning and evening)
Workout 3: Ride a road bike (use a trainer if weather is bad)
Workout 4: 2-2 ½ hour ride (remove odometer and enjoy being outside!)

Swimming 3-4 days a week
Workout 1: Master swim for 1 hour
Workout 2: 30-45 minute continuous swim
Workout 3: Repeating 100's or 200's (yards or meters) w/ 15-30 second rest
Workout 4: Repeating 300-400's (yards or meters) w/ 4-8, 50's all-out kick in between

Weight lifting 2-3 days a week
Workout 1: 4 exercises upper body, 4 exercises lower body. 300 abdominal exercises. 3 x 15 repetitions
Workout 2: Upper body. 400 abdominal exercises. 2 x 20 repetitions
Workout 3: Lower body. 400 abdominal exercises. 2 x 20 repetitions

Other types of activities for any day of the week:
Washing your car
Walking the dog for an hour
Mountain biking
Walking uphill (or up and down stairs)
Commuting on bike or by foot
Group exercise class (aerobics, kickboxing, salsa dancing, step, etc.)
Walking an hour or two with friends
Run/Walk in the park

As opposed to the competitive racing season, the off-season should embrace a training schedule that is flexible. You must find balance with training, relationships, work and extracurricular activities. Because quality is always better than quantity, do not let your off-season life revolve around your training. If you don't feel like exercising one day, enjoy the day to catch up on errands, finish chores or watch a movie. Mix up your choice of activities, so that you steer clear of the familiar monotony of your race season. Most importantly, as you are focusing on a fun, yet consistent, exercising routine, be sure to focus on the daily diet and seek ways to cut out calories in order to complement the type of activities in your off-season training plan.

This article can be found on the website. Be sure to subscribe to the FREE newsletter to receive lots of great tips and the 2009 Iron Girl race schedule (for all my Iron Girls out there!)


Behind the scenes wedding pics

First off, Congrats to ALL IMFL finishers (and participants). I hope everyone had a great day out there. Be sure to reflect as much possible on one of the best achievements ever! Can't wait to see some bloggers at 70.3 worlds!

Karel getting ready


Nothing like a little alcohol to ease the nerves

Karel with his mom and dad

Just married!

Time for cake

Wearing our cake