Wonderful Sunday

Today was a great day. It was beautiful outside, despite being inside for most of it. However, I did get a bit of sunshine this morning.
Karel and I rode together. Two times in 1 week! I feel faster already! Karel decided to pass on a crit today and since he didn't schedule himself to work, I had him all to myself all day long! So, how else would we spend our morning than a fast 53 mile ride. I say fast because it felt fast for me. I looked at my odometer at 25 miles it felt like 70. My legs were super tired from yesterday but I felt good on my bike. I drafted off Karel for the entire ride and because he is getting stronger by the day, I just can't imagine how my training will progress if I keep riding with him. I did complain a little bit around mile 30 because we were far away from home and I wasn't sure if I would have energy to get back home. However, we slowed down the pace for a few miles and then back up to tempo for the rest of the ride home. It was a quick morning on the bike for a 3 hour ride and I was ready to take campy for his run.
I didn't want to pass up this run because I have noticed I tend to slack when it comes to a run after a hard bike. I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity since I did a semi-long bike and my legs were super heavy. Although there are several pee breaks for campy I can still keep my legs moving even if we slow down the pace. It was a fun 27 min. run and we were both super hot when we got back home.
At 11:30 my workout was finished and I was happy that Karel was home to make me breakfast! Crepes!! I ate them all day long. First I had my breakfast/lunch crepes and then I had an afternoon snack of crepes. Yumm!
I spent most of the afternoon reading my Nutrition in the life cycle book for my dietetic course but around 5pm we decided to get out of our place and visit a friend.
Our friend Lynn has two dogs which Campy has never met so we thought we'd wear out Campy once more for the day. What a lucky dog!
After the dogs ran around, sniffed butts and played it was time for Karel and I to head home to watch the Paris cycling race on versus that we recorded at 5pm.
what a great weekend! Now I'm ready for a good night sleep!
Here are some pics of Campy and another lottery-winning day...