Long run, lucky Chihuahua

What a LONG Friday...but hey, I can't complain. I choose my life and I wouldn't want it any other way.
I was crunched for time on Fri so that I could be at the beach by 9:45am (25 min. drive with no traffic) for our first of 4 clients at my preceptor's private practice office.
My alarm went off at 4:20am and I prepared my coffee and headed to the gym. I made a graham cracker w/ PB for after my swim so that I could fuel for my bike. I ran 1.5 miles on the treadmill as I waited for the pool to open at 5:15 and during my 2500 yrd swim I sipped on 1 scoop hammer heed w/ water.
My swim main set: 20 x 100's w/ 1 min break after every 5. 1-5 on 1:25, 5-10 on 1:20, 11-15 on 1:25, 16-20 on 1:20. My swimming is quite where I'd like it to be right now so I think I need to continue swimming 3 times a week and dedicating 1 day a week to intervals like this workout.
After my swim I quickly changed, said hi to my swimming buddies who were getting ready for master swim and headed home.
I had on schedule for a 3 mile run after my bike but I needed to change things around because of time constraints. As soon as I got home I took Campy on an early morning 1 mile run which gave me 2.5 miles of running. I'm cool with that. Sometimes we just need to do what we need to do to feel like a workout is quality and not just about quantity.
After my run I was on the trainer for the last part of my swim-bike-run workout (obviously not in that order). 1 hr and 55 min on the trainer with tempo work.
Main set2x's (10 min @ 130 watts, 5 min @ 145-150 watts, 10 min @ 130 watts, 5 min @ 145-150 watts). 10 min recovery.
After the workout, I did my exercises, showered and got ready (super fast) and had a big glass of milk w/ glutamine (1 tsp). Made a big beautiful bowl of fruit w/ oats, warmed it up and hit the road.

After interning all day I headed home around 5pm and packed up the car. By 7pm Karel, Campy and I were out the Trek store door, on our way to New Port Richey to visit my parents.

This morning Karel did a training crit race in Tampa and I stayed local at my parents and did my long run.
I have to say that I was a bit worried about this run because this week has been a busy interning and training week but happily, the run exceeded my expectations and mentally and physically, I feel stronger than ever before.
Stats for my long, HOT, run which started at 7:30am.
2 hours and 12 minutes
16.02 miles
Pace 8:17 min/mile
Mile splits:
1: 8:17
2: 8:02
3: 8:14
4: 7:56
5: 8:17
6: 8:01
7: 8:15
8: 8:06
9: 8:23
10: 8:25 (break to refill my flasks)
11: 8:15
12: 8:23
13: 8:33 (wow-got really really hot outside!!)
14: 8:31
15: 8:25
16: 8:25

My plan was to do the first 10 miles as 1 mile comfy and 1 mile a little harder than comfy. It worked out well. I took an endurance amino and anti fatigue cap (hammer products) every 4 miles and sipped on my fluids every 1-2 miles (1 1/2 scoops hammer heed mixed in 24 ounces water and then poured into my flasks). I took in 2 gels (1/2 gel at mile 7, 1/2 at mile 9. 1/2 gel at mile 12, 1/2 gel at 14) and my leg didn't really bother me which is a great feeling with 6 weeks to go until race day.

After the run....my furry little one greeted my sweaty self with a few kisses and then we hit the pool to cool-off.

What a life Campy...what a life.