Broccoli-Stir Fry Salad - Creations

Broccoli isn't my favorite vegetable. I don't think I can eat it every night of the week, like I can with mushrooms, garlic (I have garlic every night almost), spinach or tomatoes (although really a fruit).
However, every now and then I get a big craving for Broccoli. I believe that the body has a special way of telling us what nutrients we need. Listening to the body can be tough but I believe I am really in-tune with my body. It rarely tells me it needs ice cream but if it does need something sweet, I have no problem enjoying a small piece of dark chocolate. However, most of the time, my body just wants fruit to cure a sweet craving. As for vegetables, this can be tough because vegetables aren't the most cravable foods. I realize that fruits are probably super easy to crave (especially in the summer) but veggies all year round...not so much. Perhaps my body is in need of some vitamin C and K right now?? Well, I listened to my body and I created a fabulously yummy broccoli stir-fry to satisfy my taste buds.
On the side you will see some scrambled eggs (for protein) and a little slice of fresh french bread (I think I am over "packaged" bread..except for an occasional sandwich thin or wrap) topped with a little swiss cheese. Talk about a balanced meal for the off-season. YUM!
I hope you enjoy my latest creation!!