Feta and pear salad, mushroom pilaf & staying hydrated in the winter

Although the weather is a bit on the warm side for running in November, we welcomed a few chilly days here in Florida last week...which made for great workouts and yummy meals.

To warm our insides, I made a colorful and comforting meal to cover all my taste buds.

I am to eat 3 servings of whole grains a day, spread out at each meal (or snacks). For dinner, I made a beautiful salad and decided to complement the meal with a side of whole grain brown rice. I made my own pilaf and it came out amazing!

Feta and Pear salad
Feta cheese
Hard boiled egg
Dressing- balsamic

Mushroom Pilaf
Brown rice (or your favorite whole grain)

1. Cook mushrooms on a non stick skillet in a little olive oil on medium heat, until lightly brown.
2. Cook brown rice and serve 1/4 cup into small bowel.
3. Add a few mushrooms and a little cooked corn and top with chopped garlic.
4. Mix well and enjoy!
5. Optional: for a little kick, add a little salsa.

With the winter months approaching, it is easy to forget to drink while exercising/training outside. More so, with soothing sweet and hot drinks alongside comforting food, water may be the last thing on your mind when "quenching" your cravings.

I hope you enjoy my latest article on LAVA online in my "Plate not Pills" column.

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