The time has arrived!!!

It's Athens Twilight weekend!!!

"Founded in 1980 by Gene Dixon, the Athens Twilight Criterium was the first nighttime race in the United States in over 60 years. What began as one race with 40 competitors has since grown to offer eight separate race classes and 150 cyclists competing in the main event, the men's criterium, an 80K race around downtown Athens."

The action starts tomorrow where the Pro riders will have the chance to participate in the Grid Qualifiers in order to be seated for the Sat evening race. The top 8 riders in the 3K Grid qualifiers will "race" Friday evening on the same course that they will be racing on for Saturday evening. Did I mention the "race" is on Computrainers????!!! Karel will be "participating" in the grid qualifier event considering that he never rides the trainer and is simply doing this to get seated near the mid front for the Sat evening event.

Finals of Grid qualifiers - Pro
(by: carolina cycling news)

For the 150ish riders who will be racing in the Pro race on Sat evening, the nerves, adrenaline, excitement, fears....will build and build and build and build. For the main event starts at 9pm!

"With $120,000 in prize money on the line for the USA CRITS Championship Series, the Terrapin Twilight Criterium has been dubbed the most insane criterium in the world"

Here's a preview from 2011 (3rd time was the charm - Karel finished!)

Pro race

(by: edthejellowjacket)

I'm not sure how much I will be updating my blog over the weekend but be sure to head over to the Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition facebook page to keep up with all the action! And believe me...there will be LOTS of action over the weekend!

Campy and I are super excited to watch Karel race his 4th Athens Twilight Criterium.
Here's a pic from last year

(Pic by Dean Warren photography)
You can click this link for Live stream to watch the race on Saturday evening. Of course, if you are racing on Sunday, you are excused to go to bed early. However, for everyone else - get ready to stay up late and watch one of the most exciting criteriums you will EVER witness. I am not sure if the live stream will do the race any justice compared to in-person but it is certainly worth watching.