A day that changed my life

I believe we all have moments in life that we feel are "life-changers". The special occasions of finding your true love, getting married, having children come to mind but then there are the moments where you land that big job that allows you to stop living paycheck to paycheck. Perhaps it was a trip abroad, breaking news from a family member or passing a big exam. I am sure many people reading this blog can relate to crossing their first multisport finish line or maybe learning a new skill. And sadly, there are the days when someone is given a diagnosis or bad news and everything in life seems to freeze at that moment in time.

What's so great about life is that we have so many opportunities for these life-changers. It's not necessary to look for these life-changers because if you are working hard or are in the right place at the right time, great things will come. As for the not-so-great life changers, hopefully your quality of life has never been compromised up until that point and you refuse to allow excuses to stop you from living the life YOU want to live.

  I contemplated about the title of this blog, feeling that "a day" is more appropriate than "the" day that changed my life.

So, what is the day that I am speaking about???

On June 21st, 2011 - I became a Registered Dietitian.

Three years of hard work, stress, anxiety, nerves, exams, projects, papers and books to read....not to mention many checks to Universities/Colleges in order to fulfill my goal of obtaining the RD credential.

Without the support of my friends, family, blog readers (yes - you all!) and of course, my loving and supportive husband, Karel, I don't know how I would have met all the requirements of being qualified legally, to provide nutrition information to the public, counsel individuals and treat medical conditions.

It would have been easy to take the easy way out and provide nutrition info without the credential. Spend the money on a downpayment for a house, buy a new car, travel the world or race more often.

But as we all know, life-changers often come with sacrifices and that, my friends, is what makes hard work so rewarding.


Tomorrow is a very special day for me and very fitting that I will be working at Baptist medical center Beaches - solo. That's right - the whole hospital for me to see (well, not everyone but it will be a busy day for me).

Following my day of work (which of course, starts with an early morning bike-run workout), I will be heading to Clearwater for the International Society of Sports Nutrition annual conference. I am SO excited for this conference for a few reasons.

I have been a member of the ISSN since graduate school in 2004 and I always learn so much from this brilliant individuals. I am very excited to soak up as much info as I can for two packed days and of course, I can't wait to network and meet some of my favorite researchers.....with MS, RD behind my name.

Here's the program guide if you are interested in reading about the lectures that I will be attending on Friday and Saturday (as well as the bio's of the presenters).

If you have a bit more free time, I would love to share some of my favorite "RD" related posts with you for your viewing (or re-viewing). Thanks again for your support!

Although this is a day that changed MY life, I can not overlook the bigger picture that my decision to earn the RD credential was so I could help change the lives of others.