In case you missed it - recent media

When I don't write, my head starts to hurt. Too many thoughts in my head that all need to get on paper. ASAP!

Thankfully, I have had several opportunities in the past few months (in the world of magazines, deadlines are far before the publishing date) to empty all the thoughts that typically build up in my head when I am swimming, biking or running.

Happy Reading!

Dear Coach column, pg 18 (Contributor highlight pg 6)
What's the difference between simply eating health and fueling properly for training? In this article I discuss my thoughts on eating to stay healthy versus eating to perform.
Never forget that an unhealthy body cannon perform, no matter how much sport nutrition you provide it wit. Prioritze fuel around workouts when your body is under the most training stress to help you be consistent with your workout routine. Your nutrition surrounding workouts is only as effecitve as your day-to-day diet (which fuels your workouts and lifestyle routine).

Pro Share - pg 9
Feeling sluggish, power up your plate with these RD approved picks. I provided a quote on delicious, yummy FIGS: "A great preworkout snack teeming with calcium, magnesium and potassium: three power nutrients."

Women's Health Magazine - December 2013
Ask Women's Health: Pg 20.
I'm hungrier on days when I exercise - how do I make sure I burn more than I eat?
In this article I provide an easy and delicious pre and post training snack and ensure the readers that it is OK to be hungrier on the days you workout out because you are expending more energy to support the training/exercise load. The key is to time nutrition around workouts to support training stress and to prevent overeating later in the day.

Runners World Magazine - November 2013
Perfect Pairs - Pg 44 and 45 (written by Matthew Kadey MS, RD)
Eat these foods together to boost health and energy.
In this article, I was quoted on my thoughts on food pairings. What a great topic!
Did you know “when we eat certain foods together, their nutrients combine
to produce a performance or health benefit that outweighs what you’d get if you
ate them on their own.” Read more to learn about food pairings to boost your health and workout routine.

The Times-Union Beaches - December 7, 2013
Tips for eating smart after enjoying those holiday favorites Pg 8.
During this food-centered time of the year, I write about a few "smart" ways of eating (and living) to help you transition your healthy habits into the new year.
-Plan your meals and snacks
-Exercise regularly
-Maintain a positive food vocabulary
-Maintain a positive body vocabulary
-Prioritize a wholesome, real food, balanced diet
-Address sleep, stress and attitude management
-Set Goals