2014 Trimarni camp - swag bag shout-out!

This was a long time in the making and required a lot of time, money, brain power and communication but the Trimarni triathlon endurance training camp is finally just a few days away from actually happening!!!

It's always hard to leave my furry child and best friend on four legs and believe me, I tried everything possible to have Campy be part of our training camp to bring joy to all the campers but the logistics just didn't work out. 

But not to worry....Campy and I drove 3.5 hours this morning and he just checked in to his week-long stay at "Resort of grandparents" and when he is not laying by the pool, working on his tan, he will be chasing birds in the sky, going on long walks with my parents and enjoying all the foods that "accidentally" falls from the table. 

As an endurance athlete, I use a lot of products, gear and equipment from great companies that I support and believe in so that I can stay consistent, healthy and happy when I train/workout. Additionally, many companies help me keep my body well and nourished.
Many companies that I support are not large and perhaps some of the companies you have never heard of. Other companies are big brands and have been around for a while.
Above all, I believe in quality in order for my body to function well and I only want the best for my athletes and for those who email me with gear/product related questions.
As a small business owner, I am proud to support my own brand...my own logo and my own philosophy.
Therefore, when it comes to "sponsors" I have many connections but instead of asking for more products for myself, there's nothing I love more than introducing others to companies that have supported me at one time or another.
As a professional, I do not want to come across as one-sided or biased when it comes to any one brand so  it's important to me that I do not promote brands that would force me to treating every person the same. I realize that not everyone can use the same nutrition, not everyone can wear the same running shoes and not everyone prefers the same goggles, bike saddle or clothing.  The human body is unique and I enjoy working with the individual body in motion.
There are shoes, sport nutrition, gear, etc. that work for me and when I love something you will naturally see me using it. However, I never want to be forced to promote something that I do not personally believe in (or that I would use). 

The car is loaded .....

And the bags are packed and I would like to introduce you to the companies who have generously donated products for the 15 campers at the camp. 

#playharder #110playharder #triharder

I have been using 110% play harder gear ever since the company was created and I absolutely love the quad sleeves, shorts, compression socks and the entire idea about the mobile ice bath. If you are looking for an easy way to recover post workout, I highly recommend checking out the line of gear from 110%. The company is based in Jacksonville and it has been so exciting to see this company grow over the past few years. 110% has been part of my many IM journey's and with 3 big races this year, I will be using 110% as part of my recovery regime to keep me training injury free (that's always the goal!) 


Once you have a bite of this delicious nut mix, you are going to have a hard time stopping - and this isn't a bad thing. The ingredients (which are free of anything that is not real in nature) taste incredible and I love that Veronica was training for an Ironman when she wanted to create something yummy and nutritious for her active body and healthy lifestyle.
It's been so great to be part of Veronica's journey to see her dream come true and her crunch mix, which is hand made in Florida, can be found at Whole Foods, Native Sun, Fresh market and many other places that showcase real, natural and wholesome foods. 


If you know me, you know I love WASA crackers. Over the past few years, I have tried many different types of pre-training snacks (and for races). I stopped the bagels and whole wheat breads a few years ago because as I trained for longer races, I needed the carbohydrates without the extra residue or volume in my GI tract.
I gravitated toward WASA crackers (as well as rice cakes, pita bread) as I found that even oatmeal was a bit too heavy in my GI system. Oatmeal works great for many athletes and Karel almost always starts his morning with oatmeal or waffles or cinnamon raisin bread, but for me, I needed the carbs without the volume. I love the simplicity of WASA crackers because I can dress them up with a little PB, and my extra carbs like honey, raisins, granola, banana slices. Plus, WASA makes great snacks w/ cheese, hummus or just alone for a little crunch. 

@nootcanews #nootca

Discount code:  “ trimarni “  to receive 15% off and free shipping.  The coupon is active on the 23rd of this month until the March 31st . Feel free to share via social media and to friends.

If you are looking for quality in your goggles, check out Nootca. I was introduced to Nootca a few years ago as a Florida based company who has received a lot of attention over the past few years for their line of comfortable and clear-vision goggles. If you are a triathlete or swimmer looking for a competition style of goggles, I highly recommend checking out Nootca. Also for newer swimmers who are looking for a smaller lens this may also work well for you. The company is super nice so any questions don't hesitate to email them.
I only wear Nootca caps, they are so comfortable!

@proteinpancakes #flapjacked

I'm so excited that the athletes at my camp get to enjoy samples of this delicious and healthy mix.
Here's a blog review I did on flap jacked protein pancakes

#madeformore #oakleywomen

I don't think I need to go into how much I love Oakley Women. As the only sunglasses company I would EVER recommend active bodies to wear during exercise/training, I absolutely love being an ambassador for Oakley Women and supporting a company that loves a body in motion.
Karel was the one who turned me onto Oakley when we met for he has been an Oakley fan even before he came to the US. We both love the Oakley company and how they are 110% dedicated to innovation, style, quality and performance. 

@Trekbikes #trekbikes

Even though Karel is no longer working as the GM of the Trek Bicycle store of Jacksonville (which he was the GM for the past 5 years before becoming a Trimarni employee), we both love Trek. We love that the company is based in Madison Wisconsin and the history behind Trek.
Karel and I both ride Speed Concept Trek tri bikes with Di2 (electronic shifting) and we both have stages power meters on our bikes. I am rather lucky to have a bike guru like Karel as my hubby and bike mechanic and I am so proud to ride Trek. 

@kindsnacks #Kindawesome

If I am traveling or need to keep a bar in my car for an emergency, KIND bars are my first and only bars that I have on hand. So simple you can make them in your own kitchen, it's nice to know that I can continue my love for real food no matter where I am at. I always travel with KIND bars because I think we all need emergency foods so I am so happy that my campers will have a variety of KIND bars (and granola) to enjoy throughout the camp. 

Greek yogurt is part of my daily diet. It makes my tummy sing with happiness and it is a great source of protein for my plant strong diet (as well as calcium to keep my bones happy). I contribute my lack of tummy issues on a daily basis (and training) due to a real food diet but the probiotics in greek yogurt certainly help my GI tract to stay in good health. Although I am a fan of dressing up plain yogurt with real fruit, nuts, seeds, raisins, figs, honey, maple syrup, granola.... I feel that the flavored Chobani is a great pick if you are trying to introduce yogurt to your daily routine or need a sweet treat that can also nourish your body after a workout. I am so happy that my campers will have chobani available at our camp. 

@hammernutrition #hammernutrition
Discount code: 97495 for a 15% discount off your first order.  

As many of you know, I have been a proud Hammer Nutrition athlete for the past 4 years. I absolutely love a company that has natural, wholesome and quality sport nutrition to fuel my active lifestyle. Although some may assume that I would continue my love for real food in training and racing, this is far from the truth because I have studied sport nutrition and exercise physiology and understand the body and sport nutrition products enough to know what the body needs and doesn't need during training. I believe in quality sport nutrition products during training to provide my body with liquids, electrolytes and carbohydrates in appropriate amounts to meet my bodily needs as adequately as possible.....all in a bottle - no chewing needed. Also with our train smart approach to training, we do a mix of workouts at various intensities with intervals that are designed to train our bodies to get faster and to be more efficient as we progress with training. I try to keep my sport nutrition as simple, safe and effective as possible and that is why I am very supportive of sport nutrition companies that have quality products to keep a body healthy when it performs.
There are many products with Hammer that I use in my daily training regime (Tissue Rejuvinator, Aminos, FIZZ) and have used in the past as well. This year I will not be using Hammer as my primary nutrition during my training but I will continue to recommend Hammer Nutrition to individuals who can benefit from their line of products (and I will continue to use the Hammer products that work best for me and Karel). I have recommended Hammer to cancer patients (ex. Fizz, bars) as well as to young athletes (FIzz, Heed) and I think that's so great that a company can be so versatile with their products to meet so many different needs. 

@theinfinitloop #infinitnutrition
Discount code: “Trimarnicoach” for a 10% discount

Last year I created a custom INFINIT formula for Karel and he used that formula for IM Placid as well as his other races and he really benefited from the specific combinations of ingredients that I put together for him. I enjoy that I can customize formulas for athletes with INFINIT for it is a great company that has great ingredients to support the metabolic needs of athletes. I will be using INFINIT this year for my training and racing and I will be discussing more about this in the future. I am so excited that INFINT will be the main sport nutrition company at our camp and I am so happy that my campers will have a great fuel source for their body during their 4-day camp. I only want the best for my athletes and I take sport nutrition very seriously. If I am going to have my athletes perform and recover well at my camp, I want to be sure they have their sport nutrition needs met. I am very excited to do a presentation on sport nutrition at my camp to help athletes learn how to fuel smarter and to understand the specific nutritional needs of athletes during training/racing. 

@clermonttrigear #NTC #gearformultisport #shopsmall
Discount: mention Marni and receive
10% off any of the non-sales shoes 

Lastly, I am all about supporting small businesses so I want to give a shout-out to my friends Kevin and Kimberly Grogan at the National Training Center and their tri store that has everything you need if you love to swim-bike-run in Clermont, FL.