A Campy and bike-happy weekend!

We love to travel. Traveling is great because it give you a chance to see how other people live and it also helps you appreciate what you have at home. Traveling introduces you to new sights, smells and tastes and also helps to create memories that will never go away. 

Although Karel and I love to make memories together, we really love to make memories with Campy. Campy treats every day as a lottery winning day. He never complains, he is always in a good mood and he is always excited to go somewhere he has never been before. 
We are so lucky to have Campy in our life and our goal is to make sure he is filled with memories and exciting adventures for the rest of his life with us.

Karel has a great reputation in Jacksonville for being an expert bike mechanic and RETUL fitter.
When Karel was working at Trek as the GM, he had a group of friendly customers from Waycross GA (2 hours away) who would come to Jacksonville just so Karel could work his magic on their bikes.
Karel recently went to Waycross for a RETUL fit appointment and he knew that I would love the home of one of his past customers.

He was right!! Look at all that nature!!!

When Karel had the opportunity to go back to Waycross to work on two bikes (husband and wife), me and Campy were super excited to make the trip for a quick overnight trip.

The cabin was on the same land as the main house and it was so nice to just enjoy the wide open spaces without busy roads or TV.

Campy, like usual, made himself at home. He LOVED being without a leash and with so many new smells and sights, it was total freedom for Campy. This made me happy because Campy loves the outdoors just as much as me!

Just chillin with my furry BFF while Karel works on bikes.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner outside as the sky began to turn dark and kept ourselves warm by the outdoor fire.
Homemade Lentil and black rice tomato soup with hummus and spinach stuffed pita bread and homemade coleslaw. Thanks to our homestay for keeping our bellies happy during our trip!

The next morning (Sat) we all (Campy, Karel and me) slept in and got up around 7am due to the chilly temps that morning (low 40's - no rush getting on the bike). We thought about not setting an alarm but glad we did for we slept SO well.. I think that was the sleep that we needed to reset our system to finally adjusting to the spring-forward time change. 

After our pre workout snacks (WASA + nut butter + banana/strawberry + maple syrup) we got dressed and drove a few miles to the local YMCA in Waycross to park and get ready for our ride.

The ride was so beautiful! Exactly what bike riding should be like...no cars honking at us or busy roads but instead, country roads and lots of wildlife (Which I made sure to say hello to as I always do).

Karel and I were joined by our homestay friends for most of the ride so it was a nice steady endurance 3-hour (60mile ride) at Karel's upper Z3 zone.

After the ride, it was time for a run. It was getting a bit warm and I noticed a track outside by the Y (not a certified track) of 1/4 mile per loop and decided to do a little interval run off the bike so that I could also stay fueled with my INFINIT customized drink (which I created) during my run.

Run (5 miles):
2 miles (7:14 min/mile, 6:49 min/mile)
90 sec walk/recovery/fuel
1 mile (6:39 min/mile)
90 sec walk/recoveryfuel
2 x 1/2 miles w/ 30 sec in between (6:10-6:12 min/mile)
1 mile cool down with Karel

After our workout, we headed back to the cabin to relax and refuel. 

Campy makes the best recovery partner!

A little later that afternoon, Karel decided to go for a swim in their private lake since he has an Olympic distance race next weekend and hasn't worn his wetsuit in a while. 

Campy enjoyed a little play time barking at his daddy and also chasing the birds in the sky.

Oh and a bit more relaxing for Campy.

So beautiful!!!

We headed back home later on Saturday evening and we couldn't stop talking about how beautiful it was at our homestay. Campy, as to be expected, was exhausted (and in need of a bath) so I guess that means we did a good job as doggy parents for giving Campy a great trip to make lots of wonderful memories. 

The workout today was another brick: 
4 hour ride (85 miles) w/ a TT loop as our main set (around 35-38 minutes for Karel and me). It was crazy windy out which made the workout super challenging but Karel held a solid pace the entire workout and despite wanting to quit and complain at least 10 times, I stayed focused on his wheel and finished the workout a bit stronger than when I started. Gotta love those challenging workouts!

After the bike, I ran two miles (7:49 min mile, 7:02 min mile) w/ 30 sec walk in between. 
Karel ran a 5K (with 30 sec walk after the first mile) in 19:59 - speedy legs after riding so strong for 4 hours to pull me around Penny Farms!

And to cap off the weekend...yummy delicious food!!!

This creation came to mind after our hot workout for I wanted flavor in an evening meal.
Tempeh (grilled on skillet in a little olive oil)
Mango (1 chopped)
Avocado (1 chopped)
Stir fry of mushrooms, red and green pepper, chives, black beans, garlic tossed in olive oil
(1 large package sliced prewashed mushrooms, 1 can low sodium black beans rinsed and drained, 1 large red and green pepper, 2 cloves garlic chopped)
Jasmine rice (1 cup dry w/ 2 cups water, cooked for 15-17 minutes)
Romaine lettuce (2 large heads, chopped)
Fage 0% greek yogurt

Happy tummies to conclude a great memory-filled weekend with lots of smiles from me, Karel and Campy

And one tired doggy.......

For a few videos of our trip, check out my Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition facebook page