Living in Greenville - a dream come true

My dad volunteering and making sure my number was perfect before the 2011 Ironman World Championship. 

I learned a lot from my dad in my almost 32 years with him but year after year as I became an adult, I discovered that I had a lot in common with my dad. 
Maybe that was because he was the best role model and mentor. 

We both love the outdoors.
We love to travel, especially road trips. 
We love to laugh and smile. 
We love physical fitness.
We love science.
We love public speaking and teaching others.
We love to stay busy. 
I remember so much about my dad because we were very close and on top of that, we have a very close family. 
But one thing that my dad always taught me was to never wait for something. Whether it's a goal, a dream or a chore, get it done now and don't wait until tomorrow. 

I remember that my dad always being great at getting things done. I would say he was a very accomplished man from work as an Optometric Physician to electronics to yardwork to helping my brother and I out whenever needed (school and sports) and with craftsmanship. He never said that he would get to something tomorrow, he didn't have time or that something could wait. If we needed something or if he needed to get something done, he was on it with a plan and a mission. 

My dad was never about short-cuts or making excuses. He believed in patience alongside hard work and diligence. 

Although my brother and I always knew that we could ask my dad for anything and he would find a way to get/give us what we wanted, we never took this for granted or took advantage of this. Instead, we watched my dad go after what he wanted to do in life without any complaints or hesitation and no matter how overwhelming of a task, he would work until it was done right. Rather than making my dad do everything for us, we accepted this special trait as something that was extremely important in life.

It saddens me that my dad was not able to enjoy Greenville with Karel and me (and soon my mom). My parents put their house on the market not too long ago but as we all know, life isn't always fair. 

Although Karel and I hesitated with the idea of moving our business out of state because of the overwhelming task to leave our comfort zone in Jacksonville, I wasn't surprised when I heard my dad's response when I told him our tentative plan to move 6.5 hours north to Greenville, SC. 

He first wanted to learn more about the city and then he wanted to know our plans. That's a dad for ya. 
But when he learned more about Greenville and discovered that it would give Karel and I the lifestyle that we craved with a great location to grow our business, he was on board and couldn't wait to join us in the mountains. 

My dad was a go-getter. If something needed to be done, he would do it. And if he had no idea what to do, he would make sure he learned all the skills before he got started. 

My dad was also someone who loved life. With every chore or task, he somehow found enjoyment in what he was doing. I know there were things that he did in life that were not easy but he never gave up and seemed to have the best sense of humor with every situation. 

Although we have only been in Greenville for 4 weeks, we could not be happier. Karel and I love to work hard for it is only up to us to get the bills paid. Our work life is not like others but it is a choice that we made to make sure that we make the most out of our life (however long it may be). 

My dad showed me what it is like to love life and I am so happy that I can finally follow in his footsteps in a place that truly makes me happy as I celebrate my good health in nature and work hard to help others reach personal health and fitness goals and to cross finish lines. 

Because the outdoors make me feel so alive, I hope you enjoy some of the pics I have taken in the last few weeks since we moved to Greenville.