Calling all female endurance athletes.... I need your input!

I can't believe that it was only 2 weeks ago when I crossed my 9th Ironman finish line at Ironman Wisconsin and qualified for the 2015 Ironman World Championship with my amazingly talented and awesome hubby Karel!

This was more than a dream that came together with good luck. 
Understanding the human body in motion is something that I am extremely passionate about. Fueling the human body at rest and during exercise and training smart are just a few of the components to the equation of reaching performance goals. 

 Beyond training adaptations, I have an ongoing dedication to the science of sport nutrition and I absolutely love learning and applying information, especially to help endurance athletes. 

But seeing that many women in today's society often feel an added 'body image' pressure, it is also a passion of mine to not only help women develop a healthy relationship with food and the body. But especially for female athletes, to understand how to fuel appropriately before/during/after workouts and races to meet performance goals and to keep the body in good health. 

This coming weekend is The Women's Fitness Summit!!!

I could not be more excited to be part of this event. Not only to speak to the amazing group of women who are attending but to also learn from other inspiring and smart, fitness-minded women. 

Here are a few topics that I will be discussing in my presentation: 
        1) Mental toughness - destroy stereotypes, stay fierce and release       your competitive side! 
        2) Body image: learn how to develop healthy relationship with the       body. 
3) Training considerations: the importance of strength training           in a cardio-focused training plan.
4) Menstruation - are female athletes limited by menstruation and     should training/diet be modified during the monthly cycle?
5) Nutritional needs: essential nutrients to consume to reduce the      risk for stress fractures, anemia and amenorrhea.
6) Sport nutrition - understanding how to meet the demands of           training by fueling properly before, during and after workouts.

But before I finish my power point presentation, I need YOUR help.....and the help of all of your female endurance athlete buddies!! 

If you are a FEMALE ENDURANCE ATHLETE (ex. half ironman, ironman, half marathon, marathon) over the age of 16 years, it would be great if you could take a few minutes (right now) to complete the following questionnaire that I have put together.

Also, if possible via email, social media or word of mouth, please share this questionnaire with your female endurance friends/coaches. The more responses before 9/23, the better!! 

This will be the most valuable and effective way for me to better understand the sport nutrition views/strategies for female endurance athletes and to better help female endurance triathletes when it comes to fueling the body in motion.
I will also provide the results of this questionnaire in a blog in the next 2 weeks. 

The questionnaire is anonymous. 

Thank you for your help!