Exciting news for Trimarni...Coming soon!

How true is this?

To devote so much time, energy, money and effort to one goal and to finally have it pay off.
What a great feeling!

I realize that not every athlete has the race of his/her life all the time and sometimes we have a bad race and we just have to let it go.  But we must remember that hard work goes somewhere. It may not be immediately seen but the hard work is not without a purpose. Maybe it doesn't show on a piece of paper that the world sees but within yourself you have become a better, stronger and smarter person and athlete.

We are currently working on our 2015 racing schedule which I will share with the world, as I did last this past season. But in the mean time, I want to share some exciting new things that will be happening with Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition for 2015. 


We are really excited about our new coaching services for 2015. We will have 3 different services to offer athletes in addition to pre-built plans. Stay tuned, we plan on sharing these via our website in the next week or two.


I love seeking out the best ways to help athletes with my nutrition services. I continue to tweak my services based on what I feel athletes need but also based on my ongoing learning in the field of sport nutrition relating to endurance sports and what will be most practical and effective.


We decided to postpone our October Greenville camp until June. The best thing we can offer campers aside from great swag and lots of learning, is the opportunity to be around other like-minded individuals. We feel June is a great time for athletes who are gearing up for a summer/fall half or full Ironman to come to our endurance focused camp.
We also plan to have this camp (tentatively) on June 17th - 21st or on the 24th - 29th.
We are also planning a spring camp for triathletes of all levels on March 18th - 22nd, in Clermont FL. We will swim at the National Training Center and our plan is to finish the camp


We also plan to have several camps and clinics (in and out of Greenville) so if you are interested in a specific type of clinic for you or your training club/group, just send us an email.

Trimarni gear is available at the Trimarni store and we just got water bottles which will be posted soon!

Karel and I will be racing and spectating at a few races in 2015. I will announce our race schedule as well as the key Trimarni races (which will have a pronounce Trimarni athlete turn-out) for 2015.

Since Karel and I will be finishing our season in October as we race the 2015 Ironman World Championships, and we love sharing our journey with others, stay tuned for lots of updates via social media/blog on our prep for Kona 2015!

We are really excited to be working with some great companies in 2015 and I hope to provide the Trimarni athletes/followers with some discounts in 2015. 

Campy is really excited about his 2015 season. He will be 7 years old in a few weeks and his life gets better and better every year!

My mom is moving to Greenville in two weeks - yippee!! We will ALL be together here in Greenville (my dad would be so happy).

As always, thanks for your Trimarni support. We absolutely love what we get to do to help athletes reach health and performance goals.

Who's excited about 2015????

WE ARE!!!!