2015 Team Sumbal Race Schedule

What a great feeling to have our A+++ race planned for 2015!!!
Is it too early to start the Kona countdown?

So the question is....How much fitness can we gain over the next year as we save our best performance for the
2015 Ironman World Championship?

Just to clarify, we will never race injured or sick so this schedule is always subject to change.
Also, no race on this schedule is as important as Kona so we will never put our bodies in a situation that we may sabotage our Kona race day performance in a less important race.
Because we do not incorporate a lot of high volume training into our Ironman training plans, we will use most of our season focusing on skills/form, strength and speed prior to increasing volume.
Our typical IM prep is around 12 consecutive weeks.
Also, we know that life "happens" all the time and we always strive to find balance in life as age group triathletes so rarely does a planned schedule go 100% as planned. 

I will dedicate a blog here shortly to my tips on season planning. This schedule was not created overnight and was planned with much discussion with our season goals, strengths/weaknesses in mind.

Marni and Karel 2015 Racing Schedule
Open water swim events and any other events are not included in this schedule
March 22nd: 
Clermont Olympic Distance Triathlon, Clermont, FL - B priority race*
Marni and Karel will be racing
(This will conclude our 4-day Trimarni training camp at the NTC in Clermont, FL. All Trimarni camp athletes will receive a 20% discount to the race and will be racing - fun times!)

April (Date TBD):
White Lake Half IM distance triathlon, NC - B priority race
Karel will be racing

May 17th:
 Challenge Knoxville Half IM, TN - A priority race
Marni and Karel will be racing

June 14th:
 Challenge Williamsburg Half IM, VA - B priority race
Marni and Karel will be racing

July 26th:
Ironman Lake Placid  - A- priority race
Karel will be racing
(Team Trimarni house booked for July 22-29th)

August 17-23:
US Pro cycling challenge - Colorado (not racing!)
Marni and Karel and our friends with Team Gearlink - spectating and training 

October 10th:
Ironman World Championship, Kona, Hawaii - A+++ race
Marni and Karel will be racing(Kona Plaza condo booked for September 29-October 14th) 

We are excited to announce that we will have a large turn-out of Trimarni coaching athletes at the following races:
Clermont Olympic distance triathlon (finishing off our 4-day Trimarni March camp at NTC)
Haines City 70.3
Challenge Knoxville (recently Rev3)
Raleigh 70.3
Ironman Lake Placid 
Augusta 70.3

Ironman Kentucky
Ironman Florida

If you are registered in any of the following races or are interested in spectating/volunteering, stay tuned for get-together Trimarni events before/during/after these races. We hope to see you there!

*Our definitions of priority of races:

These are the most important events of the racing season. There should be only 2 or 3 A-races because  the training schedule should be designed in a way that you will properly prepare, peak and taper the body only a few times during the season.  You can not be on your A-game all the time if you are an endurance athlete.

MEDIUM PRIORITY EVENTS (B RACES) These are the events you want to do well in for a variety of reasons (to practice pacing, nutrition, to build confidence, etc.) but are not the main focus of your season plan. These races are built into your plan.  You should not treat these as “training” races but they are not top priority races in your season plan so the taper for each race may vary  (you should never go into a race "tired" but you should be able to recover quickly from B races to resume training without residual fatigue).

LOW PRIORITY EVENTS (C RACES) These are the events of least importance to you. They are fun events or include prior commitments with training friends, groups, etc. These races are often subject to change or removal because for many athletes, if there are too many races, they will not all fit into the season plan and can take away from structured training and can increase the risk for burnout, injury and illness.