Trimarni 8-week Triathlon Transition Plan - Available NOW!

Why do I need the Trimarni 8-week transition plan? 

To improve next year's performance by making good use of the transition phase between 'off season' and your first phase of triathlon specific training.  The transition plan is designed specifically to help you develop the proper skills to progress smoothly throughout the year. Consider this the blueprint of building a strong house for your body. 

What makes this plan different than my regular base building triathlon training plan? 

Transition plan highlights:

-The swim focus is on improving your aerobic threshold, drills, kicking, upper body strength and form and improving your aerobic capacity.
-For the bike workouts, you will see some high intensity intervals mixed with skills/drills and cadence work. You will be doing single-leg drills, heavy leg drills and a little higher volume bike training on the weekends to improve aerobic threshold.
-The run workouts in this phase will be focused on form and improving your economy and efficiency as a triathlete. The strength training will pay off greatly in running improvements.
-The strength training will be periodized throughout the plan to ensure that you are strengthening key muscles groups that will yield favorable gains in swim, bike, run fitness.
-Checkpoints are determined in week 7 to establish realistic, current zones.
-Your first week of specific triathlon training (with bricks) takes place in week 8 to help you transition to your more specific training plan.

Remind me again why I need the 8-week transition plan?

This plan is vital to your season success. Because we do not build a roof before building the foundation of a house, we want you to think of this phase as the bottom tier of your season pyramid of training. Out of every phase of training, this is the most important, yet overlooked phase. We are confident that this plan will pave the way for a great season ahead!

Will I see Campy in your exercise videos? 

Yes!! But this one didn't make the final cut....

What do I get when I purchase the 8-week Transition Plan?

No training detail is left out of this plan. We created this plan as if you were a one-on-one Trimarni athlete. In this 10-page document, you will get the inside details on how we train and educate all of our Trimarni athletes.
Most importantly, you will understand why we have our athletes strength train throughout the entire season and what type of strength exercises are most appropriate throughout each phase of the season.
You will not only be instructed on what equipment we use when we train our athletes but also how to set up your gadgets for proper, effective training.  You will also learn how we (and our athletes) use Training Peaks to monitor training progress (Training Peaks is a FREE software program to upload your workouts for review).
In this plan, there are specific training details for swim, bike and run workouts that will help you better understand how to train smarter not only in the transition plan but also throughout your entire season. You will learn a lot in this guide, not only specific to the 8-week transition plan. 

Every strength workout includes specific exercises, sets and reps to follow. This will occur throughout your entire 8-week plan. You will have access to over 20 videos (corresponding to the strength exercises in your plan) in which Marni is demonstrating the strength exercise and giving important tips. As a bonus, you will also receive a very basic stretching routine as well as 7-9 videos specific to dynamic warm-ups for swimming, biking and running. We want to make sure you know how to warm-up properly before all workouts as well as for race day. We hope you enjoy the videos!

NUTRITION GUIDE (optional addition to your transition plan)
We do not believe in being extreme with your eating or modifying the diet only for a number on the scale. We also do not believe in any extreme use of sport nutrition products (or lack thereof) but instead, to use sport nutrition properly to support training demands and to keep the immune system healthy.
We want you to fuel smart and eat smart to train smart!
For 12 weeks, you will be given specific suggestions as a way to create a balanced diet, to develop a healthy relationship with food and to learn how to eat for fuel and for health.
To help you learn how to eat for fuel and for health (or to improve your knowledge), use the information in this guide as a way to help you reach your health, performance and diet goals.
The information in this guide is not a replacement for medical advice.  Always consult with your primary physician and registered dietitian before starting/modifying an exercise or nutrition regime.  
This guide is the beginning of a new way of thinking about food and your body. It’s time to learn how to create and maintain a healthy relationship with food and your body. We want you to appreciate a more real food diet and to eat the right foods that are timed appropriately with your workouts and lifestyle. There are no meal plans or off limit food lists but instead, every week you will have something specific to focus on or to address when it comes to your daily diet/eating routine.
As a bonus in the nutrition guide, you will also get a 30 minute hip/core workout and 30 min core workout that you can do anytime.

Can I see a sample workout? 

Here is a bike workout from our transition plan that was featured on Triathlete Magazine online:
Transition Phase One-Hour Bike Trainer Workout

Are you excited to start the plan?