Jacksonville trip - recap

We spent 6 years living in Jacksonville, FL, prior to moving to Greenville, SC in May. Karel and I met in Clearwater where we lived for about 2 years before moving to Jax.
Karel was the general manager of the Trek Bicycle store in Jax (reason we moved there) and we have lots of friends/training partners/athletes in Jax so we still consider it a "home" for us. 

Karel owns the RETUL fitting system and is a professional bike fitter so almost every month since we moved, he has traveled back to Jax to do RETUL bike fits at Open Road Bicycles (Beach location). 

Every now and then, Campy let's us know that he needs a road trip so last week, I joined Karel for 4 packed days of RETUL fits. 

Before our trip, I gave a presentation on to a group of doctors and residents at Greenville Health System Memorial hospital. I then went to the Y for a strength/run workout and then it was time to hit the road for our 6 hour drive down south. 

I had a few "Campy approved" meals and snacks for our trip. 

Fruit and chocolate- yummmmm. This may be my new favorite sea salt chocolate. 

My little hot Italian and I make sure Karel is well-fed as he is on his feet, performing fit after fit for up to 10 hours a day...for 4 days straight!

Exercise does a body good so although we don't typical adhere to a "training" schedule when we travel for work purposes, it was still nice to get out and swim, bike, run in familiar places. Although we certainly did not expect cold weather but thankfully we brought our winter riding gear just in case. Brrrrrr (but happy to see palm trees again!)

Campy supervised the fits and protected us all from intruders (aka the UPS guy). 

Campy also helped me answer emails. 

You will never find me without snacks as a hungry belly is not a happy belly....especially for an athlete. 

Karel fit Veronica with Veronica's Health Crunch and we received a big box of my FAVORITE crunch. Seriously, it is so good!!!

Campy is NUTS for this crunch! (Just kidding - he'd rather eat chicken). 

On Saturday evening, a group of our friends joined us at Black Finn Ameripub. The food was delish but then again, I ended up with a morning brick and an afternoon swim with my friends so I was ready for some good satisfying food! A salad and flat bread pizza hit the spot. 

And cupcakes from Sweet by Holly hit the spot (Thanks Tricia for the sweet surprise!) PB&J for me, espresso for Karel and a chocolate mega cupcake to share. 

I enjoyed making some Trimarni creations at my friends house...

And yumming over the waffles that Tricia (where we were staying) made for us. Loved dressing the waffle up with syrup, nuts and fruit.

 I got to see my friend Susan who stole Campy from me for a selfie ;) 

And on Monday, it was back to Greenville for another RETUL fit on Wed for our athlete Ginger who was driving through town on vacation. 

As Karel was doing some mechanic work on Ginger's bike, I stole her for a swim at the aquatic center. 

And now it's back to the routine - loving the mountains but missing the palm trees. 

Yep, back to the routine....dreaming of his next road trip.