Be creative in the kitchen

I grew up a very creative child. I went to Montessori school and then from 4-8th grade, I went to an Arts School where I "majored" in piano and "minored" in art. My parents let me paint my bedroom walls so I was  able to express myself through drawing anytime and then there was extracurricular activities when I wasn't at swim practice - singing, playing piano, drama class or dancing. When I went to High School, it was a tough transition for me because I was quickly forced to learn information in a different way - through textbooks and lectures. I had a hard time retaining information that was spoken to me because I was such a visual learner. Although I am no longer spending my weekends making scrapbooks or collages, I feel as if my business keeps me super creative as I am always looking forward to a new project (ex. training plans), I really love working with my nutrition athletes and I love figuring the best individual journey for my athletes. 

A meal is simply the combination of ingredients. The more creativity you have in your kitchen, the more nutrients you can provide your body in your varied diet.

The kitchen is a wonderful place to be creative. So many kitchen tools, gadgets and equipment to heat, cool, dice, chop, freeze, blend, puree and bake, it's really hard not to enjoy being in the kitchen when you have so many food options, herbs, spices, sauces and condiments to choose from too!

For many, the kitchen is seen as an evil place. Ugh, the prep process, the cooking time, cleaning dishes. But we need to change this thinking because you need to eat to live and your kitchen is the primary place where you can improve your health, boost performance and create some beautiful memories with your spouse, friends and/or family.

I invite you to improve your love for home cooking. Perhaps this starts with improving your knowledge of how to cook. It's not hard to start, you just need to throw in a little creativity with your food ingredients. 

Creative Egg Salad

Serves 2

2 hard boiled eggs

Sliced baby tomatoes (~6-8)
Sliced cucumbers (1/2 large)
Chopped onions (1/2 small)
Chopped carrots (4-6 baby)
Copped red pepper (1 small)
2 tbsp hummus 
Paprika, salt, thyme and pepper - to taste

1. Combine all ingredients in a bowl.
2. Mix together and season to taste.
3. Refrigerate for an hour before serving.

-Serve on it's own as a side or on a bed of greens, on cottage cheese or on your favorite slice of fresh bread, pita or in a wrap.