Trimarni training plans - new and updated!!!!

At Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition, we realize that no two athletes are alike. We (as athletes) all have different health and fitness goals, we live different lifestyles (with different stressors, obligations and time constraints) and we all come from different athletic backgrounds.
When it comes to coaching an athlete, there is nothing like a personalized training plan with specific workouts and zones to support your individual athlete development. Even better is a training plan that caters to your every day life so that you never feel guilty about the 3 M's - missing workouts, modifying workouts and making-up workouts.

An experienced coach understands that preparing an athlete for a race is more than just being a great workout writer.
Depending on a coaches background or specialty area, coaches are often required to be experts in many areas or they bring in the other experts in for a "team" approach to coaching - sport RD, exercise physiologist, sport psychologist, counselor, motivational speaker and physical therapist.  As you can see, there is so much more to "coaching" an athlete than just giving workouts.

At Trimarni coaching and nutrition, we never want our athletes to feel as if training takes over their life or a nutrition journey is extreme, restricting or complicated. We want our athletes to feel prepared and confident with their training and nutrition so we love helping our athletes put in the work for positive results but not at the cost of poor health or sacrifices in life. 

What we feel is not effective in a quality training plan is a standard approach of training - simply having athletes check-off workouts just to get them done. We want athletes to get something valuable out of every workout. We never want our athletes to feel that a workout is only successful if a specific number of miles or minutes are achieved. 

We put great detail and attention into every workout and do our best to carefully monitor our athletes to help them stay balanced with training but also in life.  We also want to give you as much information (handouts) as possible so you understand the why's with your training. We place a lot of focus on strength training, daily and sport nutrition, proper pacing, race execution/planning, mental toughness, recovery and so much more and we want you to learn as you train so you can be a smarter athlete. 

The Trimarni training plans are designed for committed, passionate, performance-seeking athletes of all fitness levels. Yes - that's you!
Our training plans are designed to keep you in good health as you take your training to the next level. 

As a 4x Ironman World Championship qualifier and sport RD, I understand what it takes to train and fuel smart to excel as an endurance triathlete. Karel is a recent Ironman World Championship qualifier and with only 2 years as a triathlete (former cat 1 cyclist), he understands the importance of athlete development. Together, we have coached many athletes of all different levels and ages, who dream big just like us and are willing to work hard for short and long term goals. 

We feel confident that our training plans will take the guessing away from haphazard training and ensure consistent performance gains to help you feel physically and mentally "race ready". We want you to arrive to your race start line with your uninjured, strong and healthy body, feeling "hungry to race" and confident to do so!

If you are interested in a Trimarni training plan, here is what we currently offer to help you with your performance journey: 
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Half or Full Ironman
Training for an endurance event requires dedication and commitment. We can assure you that it is extremely helpful to have a training plan that will allow for gradual fitness progression and to help you reduce the risk for injury, burn out and sickness. With the help of our endurance training plan of your choice (half or full Ironman), we want to make sure that you absolutely love your upcoming training journey. And if this is not your first go-around with endurance racing, we are confident that you will enjoy the detailed, periodized workouts in our training plans with specific periodized strength training. No matter your fitness level, we can assure you that you will never get bored with our workouts and you will find yourself getting stronger, faster and fitter during your 16 week plan. 

Olympic Distance Triathlon Plan - UPDATED
Our 12-week plan includes periodized training with key workouts with specific main sets. We focus on all phases of training, including a proper build phase, followed by peaking, taper and race week. Just like in our endurance plan, you will receive a go-to guide to learn how we coach our athletes and how to use your gadgets properly. You will also receive a s
port nutrition handou, foundation strength exercises, a swim technique handout, a Trimarni pace zone calculator – for determining pace and HR zones with testing and all workouts can be accomplished with RPE (ratings of perceived exertion) or you may use your GPS device with attached heart rate monitor. A GPS-device/HR monitor is highly recommended for better pacing and quality training. A power meter is not required for our training plans but can be used.

8-week transition plan - STILL AWESOME
Triathlon focused

The transition plan is designed specifically to help you develop the proper skills to progress smoothly throughout the year. Consider this the blueprint of building a strong house for your body.  Our transition plan comes with specific strength and skill workouts to help you get stronger before your more structured training. We do not want you to rush you into your structured training and have you training hard right from the beginning so this plan allows you to place some healthy stress on your body so you can properly adapt to your more specific race-focused training. If you follow the plan that you are given, you will realize that you have some weaknesses (we all do) and that is what we want to address before you advance with your training. Check out our website under the 8-week transition plan to learn more about what is included in your plan. 

Periodized Strength Training Plan - NEW!
For Triathletes, runners and coaches

No longer will you feel like strength training is a missing link in your training plan! Our periodized plan is designed for triathletes (and runners) to help you get stronger before you get faster so you can go longer.
Even though we know you love to train, we are not here to give you a strength training plan that is too advanced for your fitness or one that is haphazard and does not yield favorable swim, bike and run results. Our strength training plan is designed to help you build a strong foundation before you begin to add more speed and power in your training plan and then designed to help you become more powerful and stronger all the way until your A-race. We have personally created over 50 exercises AND videos featured in your strength training plan as well as dynamic warm-up exercises AND videos for swimming, biking and running. We also include specific glute/core/hip strength routines, specific routines for each of the 4 phases of training including recommendations for days performed, sets and reps and ALL strength training workouts are machine-free!
We do require a therapy band, stability ball and free weights (5, 10, 15 and 20 lbs) at minimum. If you have access to medicine balls, kettle bells,  plates and bars, you will have exercises that incorporate full body movements with the use of added weight. 

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Our goal is to help athletes reach performance goals while keeping the body in the best health possible.
We train in a way that provides the most optimal performance gains with the least amount of training stress. 

Happy Training!