Essential Sports Nutrition


Feed me...I'm training for an Ironman!!

How much food does it take to fuel two triathletes training for the Ironman World Championship? 
A lot!!

With almost 9 weeks left until Karel and I use our bodies for 140.6 miles on the big island of Kona, the training is getting a lot more specific....and a LOT longer. 

There is a lot to juggle every day with work/business, training and the rest of life and a lot of food must be consumed to keep our bodies healthy and well fueled. 

As for our weekly staples (we make at least two grocery trips per week):
Deli meat/meat (for Karel)
Irish butter
Cottage Cheese
Veggies - all kinds
Mixed greens
Fruit - all kinds
Fresh bread - all kinds
Saltine crackers
Rice cakes
Maple Syrup/honey
Peanut butter
Whole Grains

I think that's it for the weekly staples and there are always "extras" based on what we make for meals, what we are craving and what is accessible and convenient.
But regardless of how much we train or how busy we are with work, there is always time for home cooking. 

A big time saver for us has been preparing a big batch of food and eating twice (and cooking once). One skillet dishes work great for less clean-up but on the days when we have more time, we plan for leftovers and load-up the stove and oven. 

Here are a few of the many dishes that have helped fuel our extremely active and busy lifestyle over the past week. 

A delicious combination of lentils, basmati rice and a stir fry of red peppers, celery, corn and onions (cooked with olive oil) topped with cheese. 

Store-bought DiGiorno spinach, mushroom and garlic pizza dressed up with extra mushrooms and served with a large salad. 

Maple-syrup drenched french toast made with fresh local bread and free-range eggs.
Served with fresh fruit...and did I mention a lot of syrup? I stocked up when we were in Lake Placid! 

We love summer fruit!! Berry, cherry overload!! 

Keeping it simple with Amy's Organic soup dressed up with frozen veggies. Served warm with a dollop of Greek Yogurt. 

The egg salad requires a little patience to prep but it's always worth it!
3 eggs, 1 egg white 
3 large radishes chopped
1/4 cup onions chopped 
3 stalks celery chopped
4 red sweet peppers
Large spoonful Fage 0%plain Greek yogurt
1 tbsp horseradish mustard
Salt and pepper to taste

An overflowing taco stuffed with lettuce, cheese, Greek yogurt, veggie meat, kamut, edamame, peppers, mushrooms, onions and corn.

And while we emphasize a real food diet throughout the day, it's all about sport nutrition "products" when we train to help meet the metabolic demands of training.  

AND to help keep our body in good health by supplying our bodies with the fluids, carbohydrates/sugars and electrolytes that we need.

I hope you enjoy fueling your body in motion just as much as we do!