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Ironman Lake Placid - Day 1-3

Day 1 - ThursdayIt was great to finally see Lake Placid. It was just 2 years ago when Karel and I shared our first Ironman race together in Lake Placid but now it's extra special as we have several athletes racing on Sunday. 

We started the morning with a 1 loop, 1.2 mile swim in the refreshing (72-degree) calm waters in Mirror Lake. It was nice to be able to settle into a rhythm and follow the cable under the small buoys. Several large buoys were set up which was great to be able to navigate on the actual Ironman race course. 

After the swim, it was time to get some food and Karel wasted no time to find the local European bakery. 

After we ate breakfast back in our rental home, Karel and I were off to ride 1 loop of the bike course minus the 2 out and back segments. Our ride was 44 miles and we averaged 19.4 (it was fun to sit on Karel's wheel for most of the ride - minus the descend into Keene in which Karel was nowhere in sight). 

After our ride, we picked up our athletes at the rental home as they just picked up their bikes via Tri Bike Transport and we were all off for a ride. 

We started the ride by showing the guys the run course and instead of making the turn around on River Road, we continued on and made a right onto 86 to head down to Wilmington. 

Karel gave a little talk about executing the 16+ mile "climb" (a mix of rollers) back to Lake Placid and then we all rode back up together. 

It's really important that our athletes have an opportunity to wake-up their legs a few days before the race so this was a welcomed ~90 minute ride for the group, following their morning swim. 

Karel and I ended up with 74 miles and a little over 4 hours of riding. 

Although I am not racing, our athletes have the best sherpas which prepared dinner...which was amazing in the evening. 

Roasted veggies and potatoes, orzo "pasta" salad, Greek yogurt and roasted carrots. YUM!

We just love our rental home. Plenty of room for our big group. 

And for dessert, banana raisin "cookies" - so good! Thanks Erica!!

Day 2 - Friday

The weather outlook from Thurs - Monday looked great in Placid but Friday was the only "off" day with the typical mountain weather mix of rain, clouds and sun. 
For day 2 of my mini Training camp, I started my morning with the guys at the lake for a swim. The guys were only doing 15-20 minutes and I had 2 loops planned. 
We started around 8am and the water was really comfortable despite a little crisp in the air. 

I just love swimming in this lake. I don't think I can compare it to anywhere else - the views, water conditions...just perfect. 

I settled into my rhythm rather quickly and enjoyed my 2.4 mile swim in 59.27 which was my fastest time for 2.4 miles in open water.'s not a PR until I can do it on race day :) 

After my swim, I met the guys at the expo and we all headed back to the house. 

As the guys were eating their post workout meal, I had a small snack before heading out on my long run for my second workout of the day. 

I ran 1 loop of the run course and finished with 12.5 miles in 1 hour and 45 minutes. I didn't have my phone so no pictures but I can assure you that the run is just as beautiful as the bike course. 

Later in the day, Karel gave a bike clinic for the guys and apparently, Campy was not impressed with all the bike talk. 

We had a little get-together of Trimarni nutrition and coaching athletes at our house from 4:30-6pm and it was fun to have everyone together, especially those who are doing their first IM in Lake Placid on Sunday. 

After our get-together and snacking all afternoon, it was time for our dinner at the house which was pasta and pizza and Caesar Salad.  Sorry no pics - we were so hungry! 

After our dinner, we walked .6 miles to Main Street for the athlete Opening Ceremony. 

By 9:30pm, everyone was ready for bed. 

Day 3 - Saturday

If you couldn't tell, I just love it here. I feel so relaxed in the mountains, especially when I am on my bike. I love the feeling of climbing, descending and taking in all of the scenery. 

Lake Placid provides plenty of beauty. Hopefully you can see why this race is so popular. 

For day 3 of my mini training camp, I rode 1 loop (including the 2 out and backs) for 56 miles on the race course. 

After the ride, I went for a transition run. I was only planning 6 miles or 45 minutes but I was really enjoying exploring some side roads so I ended up with 7 miles. My legs were happy so I didn't mind the extra mile. 

After a quick clean-up and food around 12:30pm when I finished my workout, it was time to walk downtown to the bike check-in. So excited for our athletes!! 

Now that is a great backdrop for a transition area!!

It was a bit warm out there so Campy found some shade in an expo booth. 

And to make sure us sherpa's are ready for Sunday, we did our nails - Trimarni-style!
(Thanks Trimarni athlete Kate for the customized Jamberry Trimarni nails)

So excited to be on the course tomorrow! 
It's going to be a special day for all of the athletes out there on the course.

As I always tell my athletes (and myself) long as you keep moving forward, you WILL get to the finish line!


IM Lake Placid travel day

Tues morning we were off to Placid. 1100 miles, 2 days and 17 hours in the car, we arrive to Lake Placid!

The drive was long but it was really neat to be able to see so much of the west coast. 
My mom, Karel and I took turns driving and Campy enjoyed the scenery in between mini naps. 

We broke up the drive with a stop in Cross Junction, VA to visit/stay with my Katie Morales who is a professional triathlete and friend of mine. It was nice to spend some time with her parents and husband Chris and sleep in a comfy bed in a house and not in a hotel room. 

We unloaded the car around 4:30pm and when Katie arrived home from work, we all (her parents, my mom, Campy, Karel and me) drove down the community lake for a 30 minute swim. The water was warm and it was so refreshing to be in open water (and in the sun) after a long day of sitting. 

After the swim, it was time to eat and we enjoyed a delicious dinner prepared by Katie and her dad of couscous, roasted veggies and potatoes and pork. 

Around 10pm we were ready for bed and it was lights out for an early morning to hit the road. 

At 7:45am, we were off for our  last day of driving. It was a very long drive with a bit of construction traffic on the way to Albany but by 6pm, we were finally in Lake Placid. 

The scenery was unbelievable for the last few hours of our trip.
Campy loves seeing the mountains just as much as we do. 

After we arrived to our rental home just a few blocks from downtown, we were greeted by one of our athletes Mike. When Karel signed up for Lake Placid last year, we had several other athletes who wanted to race as well so we thought it would be fun to have everyone stay in the same house. I rented a 6 bedroom home for everyone to share. 

We were hungry when we arrived despite a day of snacking/eating so we headed down to Great Adirondack Steak and Seafood to enjoy dinner with Mike, his girlfriend Erin, Campy, my mom and Karel.
After most of our crew arrived in the evening, it was time for bed before our first official day in Lake Placid. 

Here are a few pics from our trip.

Campy taking a nap - sitting up. 

Welcome to Virginia!

I'm in no rush to get there. I'll just nap, says Campy. 

A delicious dinner at Katie's house. 

We had a delicious breakfast of homemade granola, fresh fruit and yogurt. 

Food break in NY. I got a salad from Panera - kale and quinoa (minus the chicken to make it Marni-friendly)


Campy loves his IM Lake Placid road trip!

Look at those big mountains!

Getting close!!

Even closer!!

Driving up the descend to Lake Placid. 

Those ski jumps are impressive!

Love our kitchen in our  rental home. 

Dinner out in downtown Lake Placid. Karel's plate (fish).

My delicious wheat berry salad. 

Stay tuned for more pics!