Tomorrow I will.....

Are you a tomorrow person?
Do you constantly find yourself saying that you will do better tomorrow?
Do you find yourself stuck in a hamster wheel, day after day, not starting something today that you promised yourself yesterday that you would do tomorrow?

As you continue to check off another day of your life today, what's making you feel like things aren't going as you planned today? 
Are you already looking forward to a fresh start (or a better day) tomorrow?

Many times, tomorrow brings hope that it will be a better day.
My question to you is what makes tomorrow such a better day than today? 
What makes today such a bad day?

The idea of waiting until the right or perfect day or time to start something is likely causing you to put off making the change(s) that you need to make, right now.

Whether it's diet, training, exercise, career, relationships, travel or something else in life, you don't have to wait for the perfect opportunity to start something that is important to you. 

One reason why you may be waiting until tomorrow to make a change (or start something new) is because you are letting your feelings get the best of you. 

Sometimes feelings are inaccurate and can be road blocks in an attempt to make progress.

If you are letting your feelings become your reality, you may find it difficult to make smart decisions which can help you move closer to your goals. 

The truth is that you may always feel too busy, too scared, too overwhelmed, too insecure or not good enough.

You can try to not bring your feelings and thoughts to tomorrow or you can choose to change your feelings and thoughts today to take immediate action.

Tomorrow is just another day.
Your thoughts, feelings and emotions will always present. 
How you deal with them is up to you. 

If you keep procrastinating, you will look back with regret, wishing you would have started earlier.

Bring confidence to every day of your life and make things happen today.