Healthy eating patterns

It seems like every day there is a new diet telling us what not to eat and a scientific article for reference.
A nutrition expert, doctor, celebrity, professional athlete or personal trainer touting a diet plan.
A book, blog or website telling us what foods are destroying our health. 

And a food company excited to grab the market share by introducing a new “healthy” re-engineered processed food alternative which has the opportunity to be highly profitable.  

And with all this information - people are still confused how to eat. 

Whether it’s lack of confidence, common sense, passion or effort for healthy eating, much of our society relies on diet plans as the easiest or quickest way to lose weight, improve performance or to improve health.

In America, eating habits are unstable. 

When it comes to the mention of food, people are confused. You may have even found yourself grocery shopping and saying "I have no idea what to buy or eat!"

In our society, we have such an unhealthy relationship with food.
Without the use of labels, numbers, measuring cups, grams, apps, spreadsheets and journals, many people experience great anxiety, fear and stress regarding what and how much food should be consumed.

Some people would rather not eat than to eat with the fear of "messing up."

We have a very serious problem with a very simple solution.

It's not high carb, low carb, high fat, low fat, high protein or low protein.Prioritize real food - primarily prepped at home and consumed with a great relationship with food.

There are many cultures around the world who have been eating similar meals and foods for generations. There's structure to eating as well as in life.
They don’t count calories or follow eating plans yet they live an extremely healthy, active and happy quality life.
They also walk a lot more and limit sedentary time.
Eating means nourishing, not dieting.

In other countries, eating is a pleasure. 
Food is not complex. 

People eat to please their palate. 
People eat with their senses – tasting and smelling food.
They stop their day and slow down to eat. 
And what do they eat? 

Mostly real food..... not factory made food products.
And most of the time, they eat with other people.
Meals are visually appealing and food is locally sourced.
Do you eat this way?

Our society is infatuated with food yet the“off-limit” food list keeps growing every year (especially around the month of January).

Regardless if you are an elite athlete or a fitness enthusiast, eating well provides your body with energy and key nutrients that you need to support metabolism and to keep your body systems working properly and has the ability to reduce risk for disease and improve quality of life.