Process focused, not outcome driven

Goals give you the motivation you need to put in the work.
If your current eating habits or training regime is inspired by a goal, be sure to not associate happiness with the end result, assuming that the present isn't a fun, enjoyable and happy place to be in.

Happiness isn't found in an outcome.
Happiness is the process.
Engaging in the process (rather than being overly focused on what the end result will feel or look like) will allow you to enjoy life more fully. You will also find it easier to be more flexible as you welcome many opportunities to experiment, learn and develop your skills and knowledge.

We can not control the future but you can control your current process. Rather than putting all your energy into the results, focus on meaningful changes that will give you better life satisfaction, empowerment, confidence and higher self-esteem.

Let's be honest - many times, life does not turn out how we expect it to. This can be good or bad.
This isn't a negative way of thinking but instead, a reality that we should not live life with the mentality that, one day in the future, happiness or success will come or life will be better.

Don't let success (or happiness) be tied with a specific outcome in the future.
Create success now.

Learn to be happy with the effort that you give, every day of your life.
Trust that with every best effort that you give in your process, you will experience a small change that will bring a favorable outcome.

What does a best effort look like today?
Are you making things happen or hoping things will happen?
Are you constantly aware of what you are doing (or not doing) that could bring a better outcome or do you find yourself constantly frustrated that you are always "messing up"?
Are you confident and passionate about your habits/changes or hating the process and waiting for happiness when you reach the end result?
Are you letting other people get in your way or doing what's best for you?

Are you processed focused or outcome driven?