New Year = New Trimarni services!

Happy Birthday to us!
Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition is turning five.
And to celebrate, we have 7 (yes seven!!) NEW nutrition services to offer athletes!!! 

I can't believe that our business has been up and running for the past five years. It's crazy to think where we were when we started on January 1st, 2012 and where we are today.

Stay tuned because on Monday January 2nd, 2017, we will be revealing our new nutrition services, the 2017 Trimarni sponsors and affiliates and an updated media page full of educational content on the Trimarni website. Also, be sure to sign up for our Newsletter as mid January will start the new Trimarni Newsletter with tips and healthy fitness-focused recipes to help athletes create healthy habits to achieve athletic excellence. 

So how did I get to where I am today?
It sure didn't happen overnight!

Here's a snapshot of the past 17 years of my life. 
2000-2004 Undergrad – BA in Exercise Science, minor in psychologyStrength & Conditioning focus
2004-2006 Graduate – Master of Science in Exercise Physiology -Strength & Conditioning and nutrition focus
2006 – 4-month internship with Ironman corporation - Nutrition focus
2006 – 2007 – YMCA Wellness Coordinator – Nutrition/health and training/coaching focus
2006 -  Boston Marathon & Ironman Florida finisher – Sport nutrition, coaching, speaking and writing focus

Lessons learned over 6 years:
-Pursue higher
-Don’t be persuaded by money. Follow your passion.

-Use real-world experiences to guide your career path: internship, paid work, mentors, volunteer. 
-Don’t wait for the perfect time to continue your education
(Start now, don’t let time pass by!).
-Your career path will be influenced by a variety of life
-Don’t change your career path simply based on
wants, dislikes or trends.
-Don’t chase the easy route.
-Keep yourself healthy. Don’t put your athletic/fitness aspirations on hold. 

2007-2010: Back to school (again) Accredited online dietetic classes (UNCO – distance education) and local pre-req classes.
2010-2011: 10-month, 1200 hour internship (Marywood University – distance education)
2011: Eligible for RD exam. Passed 2.5 hour, 125 question RD Exam (June 2011)
2011-2014: PRN Inpatient Clinical Dietitian (Baptist Medical Center Beaches)
2012: Started Trimarni Coaching and Nutrition, LLC. Karel switches from Cat 1 bike racing to triathlon. Marni wins her first ever overall titles (Irongirl Half marathon and Branson 70.3). 
2014 - 2015: Moved to Greenville, SC. Full-time at Trimarni coaching and nutrition. Karel comes on board to work for Trimarni full-time. Karel offers RETUL services in Jacksonville, FL once a month and locally in Greenville. Marni and Karel qualify for their first IM World Championship together. 
2015: Applied to take CSSD exam (Certified Sport Specialists in Dietetics). Passed 3-hour, 140 question exam (June). Karel now only offers RETUL services in Greenville. Athletes drive/fly to visit Karel for a professional bike fitting experience. Marni and Karel compete in their first Ironman World Championship together. 
2016: Trimarni coaching creates a triathlon team and specializes in endurance coaching. Trimarni now offer several triathlon group and private camps, key Trimarni events, training plans and an educational membership "coaching" option. Marni has now completed 11 Ironman distance triathlons and Karel as completed 7 Ironman distance triathlons. Between them both, they have completed 18 Ironman distance triathlons and have qualified for and competed at the Ironman World Championship 6 times.
2017: Trimarnicoach.com gets an update with seven NEW nutrition services and an updated media page full of educational content. Trimarni also now offers a newsletter to help athletes create healthy habits to achieve athletic excellence. 
Lessons learned
-Be willing and ready to make a lot of sacrifices. 
-Your first real job doesn't have to be your forever job. Enjoy finally making money for at least 
 a year or two. 
-Education gets you a job. Experience and continuing education makes you great at a job.
-Create strengths and skills that make you valuable, before pursuing a career. 
-A job makes you money. A career is a pursuit of a lifelong ambition. 
-Owning your own business means that you never stop working. 
-Hire people when you need help or when you need something done that is not within your specialty. 
-Never stop learning and be open-minded. 
-Find and use a mentor.
-Don’t work so much that you can't keep good health and enjoy your life.