Trimarni athlete spotlight: Tracy Kuhn: Mom of 3 conquers a marathon!

We are excited to announce a new feature on the Trimarni blog where we will be shining the spotlight on one of our Trimarni athletes (coaching or nutrition) every week.

We hope that you will feel inspired by the spotlight athlete as you learn a few tips and tricks to help you reach your personal athletic and nutrition goals.

Our athletes are normal individuals choosing to do exceptional things with a healthy body.

Name: Tracy Kuhn

Age: 37

City/State: Lexington, SC

Primary sport: Running

How many years in the sport: Off and on for the past 7 years, steady for the last two. 

What Trimarni services have you used: 
Nutrition  - 2 x preparation nutrition services and 1 x race week/day nutrition planning service
Training plan adjustment (Tracy used a run training plan from the Internet and purchased a consulting service for Marni to adjust workouts for more specificity and individualized training)


Describe your athletic background and how you discovered your current sport?

I discovered running after having our twins in 2010. I started running in 2011, just after their birthday when I saw myself in a picture.  I didn't have a lot of time to take care of myself and never really enjoyed a gym. I discovered I could lace up and head out the front door and get a workout in without too much effort. Once I realized I could run a mile the love was born. Before I knew it I was pushing the double jogger down the trail and signing up for my first 1/2 Marathon.

What keeps you training and racing in your current sport?

Running is always a competition with myself - faster, stronger, further, more hilly. There is always a way to make it more challenging. Running is a fun, healthy way to spend quality time with friends and something my entire family can get involved in.

What do you do for work?

Operations Director for an Electrical Contractor.

How does your work life affect training and how do you balance work and training?

My work schedule is always different and requires a lot of day travel. But it also has some flexibility built in that helps me balance it all. I do a lot of early morning workouts before my family is awake. Sometimes I work from home and can fit a run a little later in the morning or at lunch time when no one else has to smell the results of my workout.

Any tips/tricks as to how to balance work and training?

Planning. I try not to schedule out of town, early morning work meetings on heavy workout days - that requires too early of a wake-up call. I also pack a gym bag some days and hit the road running before I head home for the day.

Do you have kids?

Yes, Allison and Henry (almost 7) and Benjamin (almost 4). 

How does having kids affect your training?

I'm really lucky to have a supportive husband. Most mornings he handles getting the kids off to school so I can focus on my workouts and get to work on time. We also turned our playroom into a workout room with a treadmill. The kids have their own yoga mats and small weights so they can do their exercises; and I have learned to pull Leggos apart, tie jewelry, and settle the kid's arguments while getting my run on. Occasionally, we need help and aren't afraid to call on the grandparents for backup. 
I sign up for mostly local races that my family can attend or participate in. The kids love getting medals and demonstrating their speed.

What tricks or tips do you have for other athletes who struggle to balance training with family?

Ask for help, involve your family, and get up early and get your workout done before the real responsibility of your family kicks in.

Do you have a recent race result, notable performance or lesson learned that you'd like to share?

I recently completed my first full marathon! While I did not set any speed records, I overcame serious stomach upset and finished healthy and feeling strong. Marni told me that there was a chance for tummy issues in my first long distance running event so she prepped me with tips and tricks of how to best manage issues if they came about. The training and preparation worked and I am so proud of this bucket list accomplishment.

What are your top 3-5 tips for athletes, as it relates to staying happy, healthy and performing well?
  • Workout buddies - our local FiA run group has been an invaluable support and inspiration system. I have formed such great friendships and learned a lot from these ladies. It is fun to train together and share in each others' successes.

  • Plan and commit - schedule the time and stay committed to yourself, your workouts and food preparation. 

  • Take care of your body - fuel it with yummy and nutritious foods and give it the rest it needs.

  • Enjoy the journey - keep workouts fresh and challenging, and try new things.

  • Get the help of a professional! The nutritional plans Marni helped me with gave me energy and helped me learn to fuel my body with a great daily diet and pre/post workouts too. Having a professional help me plan safe, effective training, that I can fit into my lifestyle, guiding me through my unique challenges, and preparing me for overcoming obstacles that may arise has given me great confidence and a strong mind.

How would you define athletic success as it relates to your personal journey?

I finally consider myself a "real" runner. Investing in myself this year has been life changing. I am happier and more confident. I'm also more patient and have more energy to give to my very deserving family and friends, and to my work. I hope my athletic journey is just beginning and that I will consider myself a "real" athlete by the end of 2017.

What's your favorite post-race meal, drink or food?

Ice cream. Ice cream. Ice cream.

What key races do you have planned in 2017?

I'm just recovering from my first marathon but have my eye on P200 if spot opens on one of our teams, Triple Crown (3 half marathons in 3 months) in the Spring, Lexington 1/2 Marathon in the fall, and another full Marathon late 2017 or early 2018.

What are your athletic goals for the next 5 years?

To enjoy the journey, keep my body healthy, and increase my strength and speed. 

Where can others follow you on social media:

Facebook: Tracy Molzer Kuhn
Twitter: @tkuhn0217


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