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Swim smart in the open water and be seen with New Wave Swim Buoy

My favorite open water swim location - Lake Wörthersee in Klagenfurt, Austria. Picture taken before I finally broke 1 hour in an Ironman swim after 10 attemps (IM Austria 2016 - 2.4 miles in 57.04). 

In case you missed it in our latest newsletter, we dedicated issue eleven to swimming smart and swimming safe.

With the warm temps (almost) here, triathletes all over the globe are getting ready for the upcoming race season. This means triathletes are not only biking and running outside more often, but are getting closer to swimming in open water.
For many triathletes, the thought of swimming in the open water can bring a lot of anxiety and nerves, which may discourage you from signing up for a triathlon event or you may find yourself with extreme panic on race day morning.

If you feel intimidated by the thought of swimming in a pack of athletes, in a large body of water, I encourage you to check out our latest newsletter to read about some of my tips and tricks to help you conquer your fears and build confidence in the open water.

Also in our newsletter, we featured the New Wave Swim Buoy, which we have been using for the past year. New Wave Swim Buoy is a 2017 Trimarni sponsor and all Trimarni campers receive a New Wave Swim Buoy at our group training camps. We love this product for many reasons.

Anytime you are swimming in open water, it is important that you are visible and safe. Because the open water is an unpredictable environment and the shore is not always just a few strokes away, the New Wave Swim Buoy is an affordable and practical way to swim with confidence in the open water. Just strap the product around your waist and get swimming. You won't even know you have a brightly colored buoy behind you but you will clearly stand out in open water. 

New Wave Open Water Swim Buoy Provides:

  1. Visibility in Open Water. The brightly-colored New Wave Swim Buoy is exceptionally noticeable to boaters, jet skis, paddlers, surfers and other swimmers. Since swimmers are virtually invisible in the open water from a distance, the New Wave Swim Buoy will make you easy to spot for miles away. 
  2. Safe Place to Float and Rest. Because of the natural buoyancy, the New Wave Swim buoy can be used as a flotation device. You have reassurance that just in case you cramp up, feel tired, want to enjoy the view or simply need to rest, you are able to grab the float and take a breather without needing to tread water. 
  3. Very light for swimming - The New Wave Swim Buoy is very lightweight which makes it easy for traveling and you won't notice it floating behind you as you swim. 
  4. Storage of Personal Items. The New Wave Swim Buoy is useful in point to point swims or when you swim alone. The New Wave Swim Buoy has a storage compartment that is separate from the Inflatable Air Chamber, which can be used for sunglasses, sunscreen, body glide, extra cap and goggles, running shoes, socks and clothes, diving mask, snorkel, camera, water shoes, iPod, book, snacks, water, gels, cash, credit cards, medicine, first-aid medical kit, and this list can go on. What would you take with you on a water-journey? 
  5. Improved Monitoring of Athletes. For coaches and large group practice swims, it is important to be able to see all of your athletes. The New Wave Swim Buoy makes it easy to count your athletes and not lose track of anyone.
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