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Seeking bike savvy triathletes

It's hard to believe that in just one week, we will be holding our third Trimarni camp of the year! Ever since we moved to Greenville, SC in May 2014, we have been amazed by our bike-friendly roads and beautiful mountain and farm scenery. Once we started to notice the significant improvements in our overall resilience and endurance thanks to our challenging terrain, we knew that this was the perfect playground for a triathlon camp.....and why have just one camp when we can have three Greenville camps!

Our upcoming Greenville camp will span over 4.5 days (Wed-Sunday), with no shortage of swim/bike/run endurance-focused workouts, We have some amazing sponsors providing swag for our campers and we have planned some challenging workouts to help our campers stretch their comfort zones. Like with all of our camps, there will be no shortage of laughs, smiles and a few grumpy moments, with plenty of time to build memories and friendships. The only responsibilities of our campers are to 1) Eat 2) Train 3) Sleep.

Camp is an extremely special opportunity for most age-group triathletes as there are very few times when an athlete can check out of life to train in a group format, with coaches "watching over" to give helpful advice and to train like a professional athlete. Karel and I love camp just as much as our campers as it is a rewarding experience to see our campers in action.

Then, in late August, we will have our last Trimarni camp of the year, which will be our Advanced Greenville Trimarni camp from August 23-27th. We are seeking bike savvy triathletes for this camp! 

We have a few spots remaining for our upcoming Advanced camp, which is timed perfectly with the Ironman 70.3 World Championship (2 weeks out), Ironman Chattanooga (4 weeks out), Ironman Wisconsin (6 weeks out) and Ironman Kona/Ironman Kentucky (11 weeks out).

If you consider yourself a bike savvy triathlete, with great skills and endurance on two wheels, this is the perfect camp for you.

This camp will be very bike-focused with lots of time in the saddle as we will plan the routes, provide SAG support and be your guides as you navigate our challenging terrain. We will take you on some of our favorite cycling routes which will make you want to move to Greenville! Of course, we will not forget the swimming and running training. We look forward to providing you with one of the most amazing training camp experiences that you will ever experience and we have Greenville to thank for that!

If you (or someone that you know) are interested in our Advanced Triathlon Training Camp from August 23rd-27th, you can learn more and sign up HERE. 

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