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Starting a bucket list

Time on Earth is precious and short. Are you focused on experiencing all that you hope to accomplish during your lifetime? 

I often find myself crossing things off my "in-my-head" bucket list but I have never taken the time to write down all that I want to do before I can no longer do them. Now that I am one year older at 35 years old, I thought that it would be a good time to make a list of all the things I've always wanted to do but haven't gotten around to them yet. Now that I am forcing myself to write things down, it's a bit more difficult than I thought it would be to write my bucket list! 

A few tips for writing your own bucket list: 
  • There are no rules. Write down what you really want to do without worry, fear or uncertainty.
  • Write down what immediately comes into your head. 
  • Start small and keep adding to your list.
  • Use a bucket list website for inspiration. 
  • Keep your mind open for new ideas. 
  • Don't limit yourself to just big, scary, possibly unreachable items. Include "everyday" goals that will make those bigger bucket list items feel more satisfying and memorable. 
  • Find meaning in each one of your bucket list goals.
  • When all else fails, think of what you would want to do if you only had one more day to live. 
When you have goals, hopes, plans and aspirations, your life becomes much more meaningful and purposeful. To cross off the items on your bucket list, you need to be driven, focused and passionate - and perhaps a bit lucky, adventurous and open-minded.

Above all, a bucket list helps you turn your life priorities into achievable goals that will make your life better. 

OK, so here it goes. My first ever written bucket list. 
  1. Write a nutrition book. 
  2. Make enough money to live comfortably so that I can donate money to those in need (ex. animals). 
  3. Rescue an older dog.
  4. Live in a cabin/house by a lake in the mountains. 
  5. Fly first class overseas with a flat-bed seat. 
  6. Go on a safari in Africa. 
  7. Swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. 
  8. Race Ironman Lanzorote. 
  9. Race triathlon Alpe d'Huez. 
  10. Break 10 hours in an Ironman. 
  11. Win an Ironman (amateur female). 
  12. Meet Ellen DeGeneres. 
  13. Grow 50% of more of my daily produce intake. 
  14. See Karel place on the podium at Kona or win overall male amateur in an Ironman. 
  15. Be a guide to a visually impaired athlete in a triathlon. 
  16. Live a few months in Europe. 
  17. Bring Karel's mom to the US to stay with us for 1+ month. 
  18. Swim in the dead sea. 
  19. Visit the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa. 
  20. Swim in the swimming pool at San Alfonso del Mar. 
  21. Be a keynote speaker at a conference/event. 
  22. Go whale watching. 
  23. See the Amazon rainforest. 
  24. Be mortgage-free. 
  25. Have my own at-home lap swimming pool. 
  26. Watch the Giro d'Italia with Karel (while cycling from stage to stage). 
  27. Run a 50K trail race.