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Overcoming setbacks - Intelligent Racer Podcast interviews

"That setback was just what I wanted"....said no one ever. 

Setbacks are no fun. They are frustrating, distracting and depressing. Life is messy, with no shortage of obstacles to overcome.

As an athlete, I recognize that setbacks are bound to happen. While some setbacks, like a cancelled race, an injury or sickness are frustrating, there are much more serious risks in life. Setbacks often put life into perspective and make you feel grateful for the great/good days. 

Knowing that setbacks happen to everyone, we must not view them as failures. 

Setbacks provide us with a powerful opportunity to persevere in times of defeat. Often times, we gain a new outlook on life.

Over this season, Karel and I have had a lot of athletic success. I feel like we are reaching our prime years of endurance triathlon racing as we feel incredibly strong, resilient, healthy and confident with our athletic abilities. Plus, we are having a lot of fun training and racing.

Although our triathlon season has given us great success, it has not been without its setbacks. While I wouldn't consider our setbacks life-changing/altering, every athlete has his/her own way of dealing with a disappointment and however you look at it, setbacks are physically, emotionally and mentally challenging.

Our friend/athlete Adam with the Intelligent Racer Podcast provided us both with a platform to share our recent health-related setbacks going into two important races of the season (Ironman Lake Placid for Karel and the Ironman 70.3 World Championship for me). If you have recently experienced a setback, we hope that you can find some inspiration in our stories as you turn your setback into a comeback.

Mental toughness and race day management with Karel (overcoming the flu prior to Ironman Lake Placid to placing on the podium and earning a Kona slot).

The ups and downs of a triathlon season (overcoming a DNS at IM 70.3 WC due to fainting on race day morning to becoming the 2017 female amateur Ironman Chattanooga champion 2 weeks later).

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