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50 ways to be a better athlete

As a long-time endurance triathlete, I love the process of training for a race. I enjoy the journey that I get to take my body on within every racing season and at the start of every season, I look forward to stretching my limits in an effort to reach new personal accomplishments. 

It's not uncommon for endurance athletes to be very committed to training while constantly looking for what else is out there to help take fitness to that next level. With a relentless drive to improve, it's important that your training methods, dietary regime and lifestyle choices don't get you injured, burnout or with a serious health issue.

In a recent Ironman article, I selected my top 50 ways to be a better athlete so that you can unlock your potential and reach athletic excellence on race day without compromising your health and quality of life. 

Which qualities on my list are you doing a great job of and which qualities need improvement?

Read the article HERE.