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Let's talk (show) FOOD!!!

On Tuesday, we traveled up to Fort Wayne, Indiana to visit my 94-year old Grandpa Joe, my aunt, uncle and cousin and my brother and his wife (and their two babies). It was a lot of fun to be with family. Campy enjoyed his road trip and his Thanksgiving eats. My dad was certainly missed during this holiday but we had plenty of great stories to share about him.

Karel and I stayed active during our trip with 2 x 4000 yard swims at the YMCA. Karel ran once on Thursday and I ran on Wed evening (30 minutes) and then on Thursday (10-miles). Tues and Sat were off days from training due to travel. It was nice to change up the training environment but we are happy to be back in Greenville (and back outside on our bikes).

As for food - I enjoy a break from my normal eating routine. I find that traveling and the holidays provide such a great opportunity to be inspired by new food creations. I was yumming a lot over the past week and rather than writing out my delicious eating experiences, I'll let the pictures do the talking. Here are a few pictures from what I enjoyed (I didn't take pics of all of my meals/snacks):

A stop at the Old Amish Store in Berea, KY in route to IN. I had the most delicious 3-bean cumin sandwich with swiss cheese, tomato, onion and sweet peppers on sourdough bread. AHmazing!

After a long drive (12 hours due to traffic), we were delighted to have a home cooked meal ready for us when we arrived (thanks to my Uncle Denny). I yummed over a vegetable packed stew and a side of cornbread. 

Pre-swim on Wednesday morning I traded my normal pre-workout waffle snack for a bowl of oatmeal topped with banana slices, blueberries and walnuts. 

For lunch on Wednesday, roasted vegetables, cottage cheese topped with pumpkin seeds, a beautiful salad and leftover cornbread. 

My eating experience on Wednesday evening was incredible. My aunt took us all to a vegan/vegetarian restaurant called Loving Cafe. This was one of the coolest experiences of my life as a 25-year vegetarian as I could taste what everyone was eating as I could eat everything on the menu! Karel even enjoyed his meal so much that he wanted to return back to the restaurant the next day (sadly they were closed on Thanksgiving). 

Cabbage soup

Lentil and bean soup


My meal - quinoa vegan cheese burger

Karel's meal - Orange sweet and sour

Eating wings with vegan ranch dressing! 

Thursday morning pre-run snack - raisin challah bread with PB and jam and a never-too-much cinnamon and a side of yogurt.

Afternoon Thursday snack - yogurt with chopped dates (topped with coconut - from the Amish store), almonds and blueberries. 

My entree for Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving spread

My Thanksgiving plate (dessert was locally made Rhubarb pie and vanilla bean ice cream)

Campy's plate - plus so many "accident" floor droppings. 

Leftovers on Friday evening (and more)

My entree on Friday - leftovers from Thursday plus cooked crumbled tempeh and cauliflower. 

Friday night eats

Post 3 hour workout (2.5 hour ride + 30 min run) - Homemade french toast on mini brioche bread.

A beautiful large salad to kick-start a new week.