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Nutrition information overload is destroying your health

To get the most out of life, we must never stop learning. I'm sure you can agree that there's always something to improve on, new skills to adopt and new strategies to successfully navigate through life.

But with so much information available to you on the topic of nutrition, you may find it difficult to fully understand a specific topic or make good decisions.If you are getting overwhelmed by all of the information available about nutrition, health and wellness, you may be better off knowing too little versus knowing too much.

With the help of the internet, podcasts, documentaries, blogs, media and an endless supply of nutrition books, it's very easy to quickly find information - reliable or not. And with so much information to sort through, you may be learning from someone who actively avoids most to all information that contradicts what they believe in - especially if a brand was created from a specific belief system or style of eating/fueling.

If you claim yourself to be an information junkie, you may notice that your favorite blogs, documentaries, articles, podcasts and videos are filtering out the facts and avoiding the information that contradicts what you think you already know, tried or believe. There's a reason why you have your favorite media sources - because this person thinks like you! Or, is it the other way around??

Since great confidence and support can come from conforming to the ideas of other like-minded individuals, this can explain why people lack confidence in healthy eating when food choices could potentially go against what is popular. Confidence in numbers is also why fad diets and trendy foods are so powerful.....ketogenic diet and turmeric anyone?

There is a lot of information about food and nutrition as it relates to healthy eating and fueling and if you try to read it all, you will always feel overwhelmed and confused. Looking for a precise answer for every one of your nutrition/health-related issues probably doesn't exist. As a result, you may find that with your quest to find more answers or reasons behind an issue/belief, your thinking becomes rigid and extreme. Instead of feeling confused, you now feel conflicted with all the information out there, causing great frustration.

If you find yourself spending an excessive amount of time, energy and money on nutrition information and finding yourself conflicted, lost and confused, I encourage you to put a temporary hold on "learning" and start "living." Unplug yourself from the endless amount of information on health, wellness and nutrition and for the first time, in perhaps a very long time, you can be in control over your health by listening to your body, instead of listening to the internet/media.

If you are on a quest as to a better way to eat, fuel or nourish your body, it's important to learn, ask questions and to be open-minded, without only reading information that is within your own beliefs.

There are a lot of strong opinions, fear tactics, science and suggestions on nutrition which can cause anxiety, stress and exhaustion. You'd think with all the information out there you'd be a bulletproof health guru but it's actually the opposite - information overload is potentially destroying your health.

If you feel this strategy of letting go of reading and learning will bring you back to bad habits or will compromise your health, I suggest to avoid using the internet, your friends or a book/documentary/podcast for help and instead, reach out to a professional (Registered Dietitian) for personalized guidance.