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20 tips to get out of your own way

Have you ever said to yourself "I know what I should be doing but I can't seem to do it!"

Life is busy, stressful and exhausting so it's no surprise that excuses and barriers keep you from doing what you know you should be doing. But what if your life didn't have to be this way?

If you are tired of getting into your own way, here are my tips to lift yourself up, gain control over your mind, work through fears and doubts, break down barriers and move closer to your goals.  

  1. Celebrate small accomplishments. 
  2. Don't aim for perfectionism.
  3. Silence the negative self-talk. 
  4. Stop procrastinating. Look for patterns when you push aside what is uncomfortable or difficult to accomplish. 
  5. Address self-sabotaging, habitual behavior. 
  6. Avoid over-committing yourself. 
  7. Learn to say no. 
  8. You are not your thoughts. 
  9. Focus on the present moment. 
  10. Push aside thoughts that are non-productive or make you feel bad. 
  11. Call out your self-defeating thoughts, like distractions, stress, fear, stubbornness, anxiety, self-consciousness, that are not serving you well. 
  12. Take responsibility for your bad habits and choices. 
  13. Do everything with great self-confidence, pride and appreciation. 
  14. Stop the rational lies that make it easy to stray from your path when you have an excuse for everything. 
  15. Address the daily decisions that you make and why you make them.
  16. Don't give into instant-gratification. 
  17. Be your biggest fan. You are good enough. 
  18. Don't be so critical/hard on yourself. 
  19. Catch yourself in negative thinking. Reframe situations. 
  20. Focus your thoughts and actions on what really matters the most to you.