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Ironman-ish swim workout

The pool is my happy place. I don't always feel great in the water but I am always happy to be in the water. Lately, my swimming has felt strong and speedy. Sometimes I find myself in a swimming slump and I just feel horrible in the water for weeks at a time. I typically swim 4-5 times per week - 4 days during the week and typically once on the weekend on Sunday late afternoon. When I am feeling good, I treasure those swims and the workouts that I get to do when I am feeling ON.

Yesterday was one of those days. I had a great swim workout and despite feeling a bit tired near the end (with heavy arms), I was focused the entire time, enjoyed the entire set and managed to do a great job executing the workout. Again, this doesn't always happen so when I feel good, I make sure to take note of these workouts and put them in my memory bank to refer back to come race day (just in case any doubts pop into my head - which they usually do as it's normal to have those pre-race worries and what ifs).

Here's the swim workout from Tues morning:

500 EZ swim (last 50 backstroke)
200 kick with fins (on my back alternating free/fly by 50)

Pre-set: 2x's:
2 x 25s max w/ paddles
50 EZ
50 max w/ paddles
2 x 25's EZ
(rest 10 sec)
This is a great set, above, to do on race week to get the engine going) 

Main set
8 x 200's w/ 30 sec rest
8 x 100's w/ 20 sec rest
8 x 50's w/ 10 sec rest

All as: 
2 x 70%
2 x 80%
2 x 90%
2 x very strong

Cool down:
100 w/ buoy
50 breastroke/backstroke

The key to this set is to focus on execution which means not going out too hard and to be able to keep good rhythm and form even when tired as the set progresses. It's also important to stick to the rest breaks. I didn't take any extra rest between each part of the main set. I sipped on 1 scoop EFS during in 20 ounce water during the swi (finished the entire bottle during my swim)

Here's the data from my swim (I usually don't swim with a watch but I wanted to capture my splits from this workout):
4100 yards (57:41 swim time, 1:10 total time in the pool)
8 x 200's as:

8 x 100's as:

8 x 50's as (as you can see, I don't get much faster the shorter the distance :)