Florida you say?

Unless you are a lifeguard or year-round swimmer (which I have been both) you probably don't worry about the weather on a daily basis. Aside from the Floridians who bundled up for our fridged sub 40 degree weather this morning, living in Florida is just wonderful for year round sports. I have had many moments this year where I have caught myself complaining about the "cold" temperatures (like today when I brushed frost off my car windshield), but I am very lucky to be able to train all year for my sport. Even though it takes me 30 minutes to bundle up with layers for a morning ride on my bike, I laugh as an hour into my ride, the temperature will rise over 10 degrees and the layers will have to come off. Yep, that's Florida.
A couple weeks ago when I was in Bradenton for the USAT educational weekend (which was a big success), Lee Zohlman and I set out for a 6am ride, both saturday and sunday. And I must add that riding with Lee was awesome and I recommend him as not only a great mentor but an awesome coach, speaker and friend. Thanks Lee for an awesome weekend of riding! Anyways..the fog was thick and I had clean socks on my hand cause I didn't realize how cold it would be that weekend (yes-you can laugh). We joked about how cold the weather was, but in reality we were so lucky to be able to ride outdoors in Feb. and then go for an outdoor swim.
The best advice I can offer for those living in a cold state, is to move! Haha-only kidding. Do what you can to keep your fitness. If it is swimming with a swim/masters team, joining an indoor track club, starting that off-season weight training program that you vowed you would do come the off-season, or staying regular with your computrainer or gym spinning class, just keep active even in the winter. I was looking at some forums the other day, regarding training for IMAZ and I give everyone credit for sticking with their IM training program even in frigid temps and snowy conditions! I guess I don't feel so bad when I am swimming outdoors in beautiful Florida, hoping that it doesn't rain in the evening so I can go for a nice 2 hour ride :)
Just a couple more weeks until Triathlon season and I couldn't be more excited! And I'm even considering tasting a couple cycling races as well. Hey, if I've got the road bike now, I better put it to good use! And I'm always up for something new....