Small Chain Ring Won Today

The head cold really got to me yesterday but rested it out and debated about getting up this morning. After several snoozes on the cell phone alarm, I turned on the coffee pot and decided I was good to cycle today. Bundled myself up, for the FREEZING weather this morning (sorry, I do live in florida). My feet and ears were the coldest, but other than that, I was loving the weather and my head didn't hurt anymore. Had a great 45 mile ride and I was happy that I covered the course I was "supposed" to do yesterday. I was cruising along on my bike, just loving it. Although I am a Big chainring kind of girl, the wind was getting to me and I actually used the small chain ring. It was a great workout and I'm happy where I'm at right now with my training. The achilles is still stopping me from running, but I guess this is an appropriate time to have an injury.
Almost time to watch the superbowl. But all that football really gets in the way of the commercials :)
Good luck whichever team you are rooting for!