All Ready!

The bike is looking so good. This morning I took her out (Race wheels and all polished up) and rode with the Gearlink guys. I actually kept up through the whole ride until I started heading home. I had a good 30-mile warm-up ride with a couple high intensity sprints/intervals. It was just great to be out there....
I'm so excited for tomorrow. I just want to race! Not sure if I am excited about a 750 meter wet-suit swim, but I guess I will have to get through the "short" swim. Just seems so short for a wetsuit! hehe. Went to St.pete to get my race packet and browse around the Expo. One of the booths had Zoot clothing and the new line of clothes looks awesome! One of the girls I coach, Sarah was down there with me and it was great to share my excitement with another athlete. Karel is ready to rock n' roll and he is on his way to Orlando for the Spin City Classic. Too bad I can't watch him 'cause the Pro 1,2 race is at 8pm but I'll be cheering him on from Clearwater! GOOOO KAREL AND GEARLINK! My other friend Ryan is racing..so GO RYAN!
Oh, I just love cycling, triathlons...anything really!
Thanks to all my friends who gave me a good luck phone call, text or email. I really appreciate it and I'll be thinking of all my "Training buddies and coaches" during my race tomorrow. I better have my sprinting legs on...cause this will be a fast one with the other chicks!