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A Great b-day!

My birthday was great! Thursday morning I went to swim practice at 5:30am and was greated by lots of Happy Birthday wishes and of course a couple sarcastic remarks that I am "so young" and "we are all old enough to be your parents!" from the other triathletes in the water. The main set was for ME and I think the other swimmers were a little bothered that it was my b-day set. 4 x 600's for non-Ironman triathletes is tough...but I Loved it! Went for a 50 minute run and I enjoyed being the BIG 25! I spent a couple hours at Iron Girl helping out Judy with Iron Girl Atlanta articles and I received a wonderful gift from Judy-Lots of Sports bars and the cutest b-day card! I just love Judy! I am SO looking forward to racing at the Iron Girl Atlanta Triathlon in a couple weeks.
The rest of the day was a little stressful as I continued to work on my presentation for Vegas. I leave next sunday and I feel like I still have lots of preparation to do. The power point is finished and I have a lot of research to discuss. I'm really looking forward to seeing some of my ISSN buddies and catching up. A lot has happened for me in the past year and I know all my science-guru's will be excited to hear about my new love of the Ironman distance!
I was greated with roses, a b-day cake and presents from karel. He is so sweet. We had dinner in Clearwater beach and walked along the ocean. I just love the water! We were also celebrating our 1-year anniversary so he received a present or two from me. I always make things, so he received another picture collage from me. Lots of pictures of us with cycling-related magazine pictures for the border. I think he is getting use to me and being very camera excited.
Fri evening I celebrated dinner with the family and it was really nice to be with the fam. I just love them and we get along great. My parents are handling things really well right now with my brother moving to Pitt in a week and me getting more serious with my nutrition-triathlon-related career. I think they've gotten use to my ups-and-downs with trying to make something of myself with my master degree and with my sport, but most of all I am so lucky to have two supportive parents and a great relationship with my brother.
Thanks to everyone for the phone calls, emails and happy birthday wishes. It means a lot that i have so many great people in my life who care about me and are so supportive of my lifestyle. I really enjoy sharing my life with everyone and more than is busy and exciting!


I Age up on May 31st, 2007!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Yep-it's my b-day. I can rent a car, my insurance drops and I age up!!! 25-29 age group here I come!!!
This week has been crazy. I'm finishing my power point presentation for my Vegas conference for the International Society of Sports Nutrition. I will be speaking about sports nutrition for enduranec athletes, primarily Ironman athletes (very appropriate!). I've learned a lot by doing months of research on Pub Med. There are a lot of great studies out there and being the science nerd that I am, I'm really excited to apply some new nutrition strategies to my Kona training.
Tuesday's run workout (after swim) was ridiculously hard! 16 x 2:00 at 10K pace (HR around 170!) with 30 recovery. It was really really really hard! I spun my legs for a 2 hour ride on tues afternoon and felt a lot better. Taught spin class today and swam a mile for recovery and attempted the Gearlink ride this afternoon. Not so much did I even try to make the loops after warm-up. Oh well, at least I was out on my bike for 2 hours tonight :)
My wishes and prayers go out to Ray Reinders who suffered a bad bike crash at his race the other day. I'm thinking of you ray and I wish you a speedy recovery. I don't know what i would do without Ray to keep me going during out rides!
This should be a good weekend with lots of training as a 25 year old!! haha-ok, enough already ;)
In addition to my b-day (sorry, I said it again! :), Karel and I celebrate our Year anniversary tomorrow...what a special day! I can't believe he has put up with me for an entire year. Good thing we have similar lifestyles. He's back on his bike (shoulder not quite healed) and he even went to San Antonio for some seaded climbing in the hills.
My family is doing great and it is awesome having my bro here before he moves to Pitt for his job at PPG. Although I am super busy and hardly see them, I plan on spending most of the weekend with them...having fun like we always do :)


Memorial Weekend

What fun today! My friend Hunter, his girlfriend, his sister, Karel and I had an awesome day on the boat in clearwater beach. I attempted water skiing, but I should probably stick with triathlons. At least I tried! Lots of sun today to wear me out! It was a great day.

Karel rode with me today...yep, you heard it right. He is still really sore, with an awful bruise on his arm, but atleast he is on his bike. And as if I thought I would be able to keep up with him since he has been off the bike for 17 days...yeah right! He kicked my butt and he was only spinning his legs. We both took it easy today for a nice 30 mile spin. He has an amazing positive outlook on life and he is such an amazing athlete. Yesterday was great as I joined the Gearlink guys for a 16 mile time trial in Tarpon. It was a lot of fun and great to see the guys on their road bikes with aerobars! My seduza finally fit in! Felt strong but didn't push too hard. Still on recovery mode from the Half Ironman last weekend at Disney.

Things are finally rolling with my new "job" of working with and doing nutrition for the members. I absolutely love helping people and although it is time-consuming, it is helping me get excited to go back to school by next summer to receive a RD degree. If you ever have any nutrition/triathlon training questions (or cycling), please feel free to email me at

Kona training starts tues....I'm so ready!

I hope everyone has a safe Memorial weekend! A big congrats to Ray Reinders and Anthony Astrab who are competing in Tennessee this weekend for a stage cycling race. Also, congrats to those racing at Crystal River and at Ironman Brazil.