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I need a nap!

I've needed a nap since last weekend! Training is tough and I am beat! I keep pushing and pushing....but I'm FINALLY seeing results!
Tuesday was a not so bad (intensity) but I got in around 3400 meters. The run was followed by the normal treadmill speed workout and I busted my butt for 3 minutes at 8.8 mph and 2 x 1:30 at 9.5-9.8 mph. I repeated the set 3 times. I actually felt really strong and finished the day with an hour EASY spin. Wed morning was the day...the day I needed a nap!
Any normal wed I would have taught my 45 minute spin class and followed it with a 1500 meter swim and weight lifting. Wed evening is usually the Gearlink landsbrook ride so I rest up all day for that crazy fast ride. Well, on 4th of July my morning started off the same but I was more than tired all day for a very good reason. As a treat for my spin class, I had decided a couple weeks ago that I would do an hour spin with them (for the first time) starting at 5:30am. So I got up at my normal tues/thurs time of 4:40am and taught an hour spin class from 5:30-6:30. I am a very hard instructor but we have a lot of fun. I do make them work hard but we do every set as an interval. For this wed. I wanted to keep them entertained and focused since the mind seems to wander in a spin class. After the spin class, I quickly changed clothes, heated up some oatmeal and drove to the Eastlake cafe to drop off my car. I pulled out Seduza from Hyundai and headed to the CVS on Alt 19 (Sat morning ride meeting point) to meet Jim and Scott at 7:30am. This is when my second ride of the day began. For the first time ever I was going to test my speed and ride with the Panera ride. Karel met the group at 7am in Bellair. The group rides through Sand Key and clearwater beach (over both causeways) and they head toward Alt 19. Jim, Scott and I met the group and I quickly pedaled my legs to stay in the draft. It was a big group that morning (around 30 people) and many unfamiliar faces. everyone was nice but I was focused on staying on anyone's wheel. I new at a speed of 24-30 mph, if I got dropped I was done. This ride is normally ridiculously fast but karel had faith in me that I could hang on. Of course he was riding in the front with Spencer Smith pulling the group...totally different pace than what I was use to. Put a retired Pro Triathlete on the front of a group ride and the fast pace of 24 mph becomes a wicked fast 30 mph! I actually hung on for most of the ride, until Howard Park where I had time to catch the group as they turned around on the Island after their sprint. Karel must have been feeling good cause he won the sprint (nothing new :). The panera riders only rode around 30 miles with us (gearlinkers) and Jim, Scott, karel and I continued on our familiar sat. morning ride for another couple hours. with a total of 65 miles (not including an hour spin class) and around 3 hours in the saddle I could barely eat my pancakes after the ride. I pushed so hard and didn't really get dropped. Of course I give a little thanks to red lights so that I can catch up, but the fact that I can push for over 60 miles makes me feel really confident with my improvements on the bike. The rest of the Gearlink team rode easy that morning and we all met at the Eastlake Cafe for a great breakfast. I was so tired for the breakfast that my brain hurt! Of course I could pull off a couple smiles but I really pushed hard. No bonking so that is always good. Just a couple tender muscles to keep me walking slow all day. I didn't nap on Wed and now i regret it. After a hard Thurs am swim/run and pm bike/open swim/bike, I am ready for a good night rest! I am really looking forward to next weekend racing at morton plant mease. Phil Lahaye puts on great races and I have no doubt that this sold-out race will be a hit! I'm racing Elite so I'm racing for some $$$! this morning I rode the course twice, did some bridges and ran for an hour following my 30 mile ride. This weekend is more cycling and I will call it a great week come sunday!! All this for Kona???? YOU BET!


What a weekend!

I just had to put up this pic!! One of my favorites from IM FL 70.3!
My "recovery" week went really well. Thank goodness for rain that I didn't feel any guilt when missing my afternoon workouts last week. I wanted to take it easy so I thought the only way I could reduce my volume is to only workout once a day. I kinda enjoyed having an extra 10 or so hours last week but I kept myself busy with a lot of nutrition consultations and work for Beginner Triathlete. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were normal workouts and my body felt quite relaxed as of Friday morning. Went for a nice 2 hour ride to Howard Park, with 1 hour of intervals at a semi-hard pace. Got off the bike for a 40 minute run, including 10 x 1 minute bursts with 1 minute easy jog. Feeling really strong off the bike and I strongly believe in the brick workouts. I never wake up in the morning and just run because it is nice to run with warm muscles after I swim or bike. Also, I have had no injuries for the past couple of summers since I started triathlons and I think it is because I don't run right when I wake up in the morning. Whereas in the winter I am (was) more likely to wake up and hit the road for a long run, now I am spinning my legs first thing in the morning or hoping in the pool for a swim team workout.

Friday evening Karel and I went to Crispers for dinner down at Safety Harbor. Dinner was ok but we both enjoyed our Cold Stone afterwards! Yummm

Saturday morning I was feeling ready to complete the Gearlink ride with the guys (and Roberta and Celia). Karel was with me as we warmed up at an easy 20 mph! I hate it when he wants to spin his legs and asks me to come. I always find myself huffing and puffing before the ride even starts! After a 20 mile warm-up, we arrived at our CVS meeting point at 8am for the ride. To make this story short...We cycle for around 10 miles and then I get dropped at the start of Anclote road before I even had the chance to get on anyone's wheel! WHat a after around 10 miles of self-talk and a LONELY Time Trial ride along Anclote road, I had to make a decision to continue on and catch up at the 7-eleven re-fuel stop or turn-around and head back home. As I started to turn around at a red light, I thought about the Pro's and the girlies in my new age group (who break 10 hours in an Ironman!) and what they would do in my situation. First off, the probably would not have been dropped (they would be pacing the guys!) and secondly, they would push and push and never give up. The light turned green and I kept going. After the guys had refueled, they were all ready to go and continue with the ride. Of course they asked where I was and what happened, so I joked with them that they don't need all this rest and I we needed to keep going. After a couple laughs, I had one more opporunity (no more rest stops) to stay on a wheel as everyone rotated. Finally, I stayed on....and thank goodness for red lights. I got a couple of breaks but there was no resting for me. It's hard riding 24-28mph for miles and miles with no rest! Of course one of these days I'd love to rotate, but it may be a while. So I continued to push and push and my heart rate rose and rose. Oh, it was so tough but I just love the feeling of accomplishing the rides with the guys. There was one more point when I got dropped as we were turning after a red light and by the time I clipped in and looked forward, the group was aroud 15 yards ahead of me and there was nothing I could do to catch them. By this point, I think they were rotating around 26-28 mph and I could catch them. Karel (probably feeling sorry for me) slowed down and helped me catch the group. At this point, my heart was about to come out of my chest and my legs were aching! Luckily, there is no bonking or nutrition problems (besides being hot and thirsty in the Florida humidity!). After sticking on Karel's wheel, he pulled me for a couple miles and I finally caught the group in time for a couple more miles of them rotating and a sprint to the end of Trinity Road (which Karel won as usual). Thanks to Karel, I would have been pedaling a lonely ride all the way home. The guys were proud of me and so was Karel but most of all, I see BIG improvements in my cycling. Whereas I couldn't even make a warm-up with these guys, now I am staying on their wheels for a 3 hour ride. Karel and I ended up doing around 70 miles on saturday. Once we got home, I put on the fuel belt for a 30 minute run. I usually get "the look" from Karel when I do my brick workouts after our saturday ride and I kinda like it that he thinks I'm craz that I run after I ride. Last summer I would always save a little for the run, but now I give my saturday rides my all and enjoy the run after the grueling ride. The run wasn't that bad and I actually felt really good. Sunday was a 1 hour 50 minute run with Celia at 6:15 am I didn't feel that sore from Saturday...another good thing. Of course since we shaved 10 minutes off from the last 3 weeks (due to time constraints on sunday morning) she pushed me hard during the last 40 minutes..much harder than I anticipated for a long run. Oh well, it is good for me. I hoped on my bike for a 20 mile swim and after LOTS of miles this past weekend, I took a well-needed nap.

My mom, dad, Hunter and Angie came over for dinner last night and I entertained everyone with wraps and lots of fixings. The "veggie" meat was a hit but I also had a back-up of real chicken for the meat lovers. With fruit salad and ice cream for desert, I think this was a fabulous weekend. This morning I had to pay my rent so I biked to their office (about an hour and 40 minutes round trip) to save my gas and to spin my legs.

well, I guess I got everyone caught up on my life. Have a great week! Enjoy the 4th, be safe and congrats to all those who raced at Nationals this past weekend.
Also- a BIG congrats to my friend Bill who raced at BSLT in Texas a couple weekends ago. With a weight loss of over 10 pounds, he also made his race great with a PR by over 30 minutes...WAHOO!!!