Last day!!!

I thought this pic was cute so I had to post it. Seriously, Smudla covered her eyes as soon as I pulled out the camera. Too cute! I don't blame her for being tired, we've pulled some late nights studying until 10pm.
This morning I had my great spin class to pump me up and start my day. I had a great CD of up-beat Woodstock music. We did our typical sprint set, jump set and hill set. The 45-minute class went by fast and boy were we pooped! Tough stuff at 5:30am in the morning..but luckily, I have a packed class with lots of energy.
Then to the treadmills. 4.5 miles and a few intervals to keep me from being bored. After about 20 minutes of playing with the speed from 7.3mph to 8mph I did 5 min at 7.5, 4 min. at 7.8mph, 3 min. at 7.6, 2 min. at 8mph and 1 min. at 7.5mph. 40 minutes of running and a bit of walking and I was ready for some core. I did some back and front core exercises on the ball since it is very important to strengthen both the front and the back to have a strong core. A few weights and then to the showers...a well-needed and refreshing shower.
Home at 8am and time to study. OK, so I didn't really study. I had a smoothie, played on the computer, had some oatmeal and got ready for my biology final. It was a 75 question cummulative final on 24 chapters so I figured, if I didn't know it by this morning, I wouldn't know it by cramming for 1 more hour. I went to bed around 9:30am last night so I felt rested for the final. I think I did well so we will see when grades are posted on friday. I have one more final tonight at 5:30 which is medical terminology. I LOVED that class. I really did like my global marketing class (Mon night) because of the teacher but medical terminology is very applicable in my field. The final is 100 questions and cummulative but because we had a quiz every week it forced me to study one chapter per week over the last semester.
I am so excited for today to be over! I want to think about something besides studying! Perhaps I can actually start planning my wedding instead of listening to my mom tell me all the things we need to do. We have the wedding venue and reception and DJ but we have so much more to do by Oct. My mom is a great planner and I feel so bad that i haven't been motivated for a wedding. However....time to get to action! Also, I just want to relax. Of course work on coaching, nutrition and articles..things I love to do (I could do those things all day!!) but I just want to de-stress. I'm feeling a nice long bike ride and swim in the am.
YAY!! MY last day for 3 weeks ....until I start back school again.

Check out the write-up on the Athens Twilight crit. You have to read every single word. Amazing..those cyclists are just crazy!
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