Not much going on here. I have a biochemistry exam on Thursday which I have been studying for since last week. I really want to do well on it.

Tomorrow Karel is off from work...so I am sure he will enjoy a long bike ride in the morning, followed by doing a lot of nothing the rest of the day.

I will be no fun all day unless Karel wants to hear about carboxyl groups, ketones, saturated fats and nucleic acids. Lots of fun, I know.

BTW-I had to watch two movies for my biochemistry class and write a 2 page review on them. If you haven't seen them, I recommend Lorenzo's Oil and Awakenings. Both movies involve biochemistry and they are really good movies!

Tomorrow morning I am going to change things up and run before I swim. I know I will be extremely tired for my swim but more so, I don't know if my body is ready to run at 5am. Well, we will see how this goes but I know I will be glad to have nothing to do after the swim. It's like pulling teeth, every week, to get on the treadmill for a hard hill workout after a 90 min swim practice.

This weekend will be great because we aren't traveling! All of March we have something to do every weekend. On the 6th we are going to Albany GA for the Snickers Marathon (me racing the half marathon) and a Cycling race for Karel. On the 15th is the Gate river run here in Jax which is a BIG race here. Should be a fun 15K over a bunch of bridges. Then, we are staying with my parents on the 21st and 22nd for Karel's cycling race in Tampa. I am super excited to see my parents.

How about a pic of a super happy doggy...