Hammer Endurance News & Project One

I'd like to give a big thanks to Steve B. at Hammer for publishing one of my most favorite blog posts in the latest Hammer Endurance News - Issue 66. If you don't receive the paper or online version of Hammer Endurance News, I recommend going to the Hammernutrition.com site to check out some of the previous issues. There are some great articles regarding nutrition and the scientific resources can't be beat by any other company. I absolutely love Hammer nutrition and because of their amazing line of products, my sports nutrition plans (for myself and my athletes) are simple and reliable.

I hope you enjoy my article on Salt and Endurance athlete and be sure to read all of the great articles in the newsletter.

Hammer Endurance News Issue 66

In other exciting news, Trek just launched Project One on the website. Karel has been designing demo bikes for the store and for certain customers for a few months now, but now you can spend hours designing your own personalized bike. Just design it, find a dealer and you've got your own special bike. If you have any questions about designing or buying a Trek, Karel would be more than happy to help you out
904-880-7227 (town)
904-246-4433 (beach)

And lastly...for all my small ladies out there...
For the FIRST TIME EVER Trek has created CARBON Tri bikes. Yes, carbon! Not only can you buy a carbon Equinox TTX WSD (women specific design) but you can create your own personalized Tri bike...in carbon!

Have fun!!
Project One

Here are a few that Karel designed for a good friend of ours.....