Essential Sports Nutrition



...finally it isn't raining
...finally I feel strong
...finally I can ride my bike outside.

Karel braved the cold at 6:30am with Jeff. They must have been inspired by the stage last night, Levi crushing the competition at the Tour de California, and they rode their TT bikes for 3 x 15 min. all-out efforts. Karel said he was so cold he never warmed up.
When I let Campy out at 7am I knew I would never survive in the cold. However, I also knew I wouldn't survive the trainer.
I came up with several ideas to keep myself entertained for a 4 hour ride.
First I thought about riding an hour, running 10 min. I would do that 4 times.
Then I thought about being all sweaty on the trainer and then being so cold and wet outside. I decided to pass on that idea.
My next idea was to ride on the trainer for 2 hours and then do 2 hours outside.
I had my mind made up that I WOULD do a 4 hour ride so at 1 hour on the trainer, I let Campy out, got dressed and headed outside. It was a lot warmer than when I woke up (upper 40s compared to 34 at 7 in the morning) and I dressed perfectly for the weather. I was very comfortable when I got on the bike and luckily, I didn't overdress.
The ride went really well and I am feeling really strong on the bike. I think something is working and finally, things are coming together. I am not minding the 3+ hour rides, whereas a few weeks ago I was so bored and tired after 2 hours. I am constantly being reminded by Shawn that I have plenty of time until IMKY and I am really looking forward to increasing my weekly volume in a few months.
I ended up doing 3 hours and 51 minutes. 2 hours and 48 minutes outside and 1 hour and 3 minutes on the trainer. I think it was around 68 miles but my power was steady and I felt really good on my tri bike.
After the ride, I came home to Campy and Karel sleeping on the couch. Karel told me that Campy wanted to run with him when they went out around 10:30 but Karel told Campy that he doesn't run. Marni is the runner in the family. Campy was super excited to see me and he couldn't wait to run.
I just love running Campy after my bike ride. Sure, I would probably have a more consistent run without him but if I am out running for 30 minutes, I may as well be with Campy who makes me smile when we run. I even had someone yell to me as we were running "You can run my dogs too!". We stopped by the Trek store after 15 minutes of running to get some water (Campy has a bowl just for him). We then headed home for a great 27 minute run. Campy got his cottage cheese after the run and after I recovered, I made my whole wheat pancakes. At 12:30, I could finally sit on the couch and relax.

Looks like it will be a beautiful day I will just look out the window as I sit at the computer all day studying for exams for my three classes.



I'm feeling more like a swimmer, than a triathlete, in the water. Sometimes I give my coach the look of "Why are we doing that set? We are triathletes!" but when the workout is over I like feeling like a swimmer.
Here are my three swim workouts for the week.

Monday (recovery day, no master swim)
400 warm-up
300 kick
50 easy, 50 fast (50 sec)
100 easy, 100 fast (1:30)
150 easy, 150 fast (2:20)

100 kick
200 warm-up
Total: 2000

Wednesday (Endurance, Master swim)
Main set:
8 x 100's (odd Free on 1:30, even IM on 1:45)
3 x 400's Desc 1-3 on 6 min (my splits: 5:38, 5:32, 5:26)
Total: 3800 yards (I forgot the warm-up and the sets before the main set. This practice + my post-swim 5 x 1 mile @ marathon pace run w/ 3 min recovery on the treadmill drained my brain)

Friday (Speed, Master swim)
400 warm-up (4th 25 skull)
5 x 200s kick on 4 min.
Main set 3x's:
5 x 50's drill on 1:00
3 x 100's desc 1-3 on 1:30
4 x 50's all-out on 1:00
(I did the last two sets of 4 x 50's 25 free, 25 fly)
200 warm-down
Total: 3850 yards

Although it is supposed to be cold here tomorrow morning (36), I am looking forward to being outside on my bike. If I have to, I will bundle up in 20 layers so that I don't have to go insane on the trainer.

Speaking of water....
Look what Campy and I found on our walk around our apartment lake yesterday


Homemade Tortilla

If I could make more homemade foods, I would do it in a second! However, my grocery budget doesn't allow me to buy a lot of "additional" foods. Right now I have learned how to feed Karel and myself for less than $80 a week but I tell ya, it isn't easy eating healthy, maintaining our weight and trying to improve our performance on a budget. The people at the checkout station must think I am crazy when I say "that is great!" to them when they hand me my receipt but I just love saving money.

Luckily, however, I have moved on from a grad-school diet of only PB&J (ok, I still do that), oatmeal and free samples at Whole foods...ok, I still like all of those :) I try not to get too excited when I go into Whole Foods or the organic section at Publix because it is expensive to eat natural and organic. One day Karel and I will add more natural and organic foods in our diet but for now, I do the best I can to eat lots of fresh food and little processed food. In my opinion, you can still gain weight and be unhealthy with natural and organic foods. To me, there is nothing better than a home-cooked meal and the fact that I know exactly what I am making and I can control how much or little I put in it.

I attempted wraps/tortillas the other night. Ever since Karel made my crepes I just love the idea of a thin pancake for a meal. I am still working on this recipe because I haven't really gotten the perfect mixture of flour and water but the recipe is still good. Karel said he never wants me to buy wraps again and he says this is one of his favorite things I have made.

Homemade Tortilla:
Makes about 4 large tortillas.
-About 1 tsp. of every spice in your house. I used the following:
Curry powder, italian seasoning, garlic salt, pepper, paprika, chili flakes and thyme.
-1 tbsp. parmesean cheese
-2 tbsp. Italian bread crumbs
-2 tbsp. Taco sauce
-1 tsp. baking powder
-1 tbsp. Olive oil
-1/2 cup whole wheat flour
-About 1 cup water.

You add all of the ingredients in a large bowl, EXCEPT for the water. Start by adding 1/2 cup water and then slowly add water and mix. You want to the mixture to be soupy but not too watery. When the mixture quickly drips from your fork (or whisk) after at least 1 cup of water is added, it is ready. You want the mixture to be soupy so that it spreads out thin when you put it on the non-stick pan.
Be sure your non-stick pan is on low heat. If your pan is too high, the batter will cook right when it touches the pan. You can use Olive oil spray for the non-stick pan.
Pour a little less than 1/4 batter in the pan and move the pan around (off the burner) so that the batter spreads all over your large non-stick pan.

The second time I tried making the tortillas I put them in the oven (about 350 degrees) to finish them off and they had a nice crunch to them after they were folded around our veggie mixture. I stuffed the tortillas with our normal "go-to meal" foods.

For the inside:
1/2 can beans and rice
1/2 can chickpeas
Veggie burger

The wraps take a few minutes on each side to cook so I had some time to take some pictures of my animals.



It was weird being at home for a full weekend. I had the opportunity to go with Karel to Dade city (about 3 hours away) for his crit on Sunday but I had a lot of school work to catch up on. Karel wasn't feeling pumped for this race since he did a 3 hour ride in the pouring rain (karel, jeff, curtis and shawn) on Sat but he decided it was worth a try to get out there and try out the sprinting legs. Karel ended up getting 11th which he was really happy about. This same race last year was not so good for Karel because he crashed twice on the technical course. This year it was the same course, but in rain, so Karel was a bit more careful on the corners.

On Friday morning my arms fell off and I didn't find them for my Saturday workout. However, luckily I had a bike ride to do.
Sadly, it was raining.
I put my bike on the trainer and decided that I would ride inside until it cleared up. After 90 min. of watching a few reality shows on my DVR, that I missed while I was on my honeymoon, I got off the bike and let Campy outside. rain!
I put on a jersey, my helmet and gloves and got my bike off the trainer. I put on my cycling shoes, walked down my 3 flights of stairs and got on my bike. At that moment, it started raining.
Back up stairs, took off my jersey, put on a dry-fit shirt and put my bike back on the trainer. Turned on the TV, said hi to Campy and started riding again. Campy slept and I suffered my way (partly insane) through another 90 min. Not sure how I did it, especially the last 50 min. when Karel came home from his ride and started cooking breakfast...yummmm.
After 3 hours on the trainer, my legs were toast! The thing about trainer riding is that you can't coast, you don't have opportunities to stop and you stay in the same spot.
My legs hurt so bad after the ride that I could barely walk. I decided a 20 min. walk with Campy was better than nothing so once again, I slacked on the brick run. I am having a really hard time with that run off the bike and I blame Campy for looking so cute and happy for me to give him some attention.
I did a ton of studying and work on Sat and could barely keep my eyes open during the afternoon. Karel had to work and the evening was spent watching the Tour de California (we have it taping every day this week. We LOVE this tour!).
I am not a big valentine person so I consider the 14th of Feb. just another day but I do like the excuse for a little gift giving. Since Karel finished his Landis to Lance book, I got him another book about Lance Armstrong. I also got him a few chocolates...oh, does he love his chocolate. We both had pancakes for dinner (typical valentine dinner for us) and Karel gave me pink TYR goggles. LOVE them!
On Sun. Karel got up at 6am and he was gone at 7am for his race. As for me, I took my time to start my run because my legs were so stiff and sore. My inner thighs hurt so bad that I could barely walk downstairs. Luckily, they loosened up for my 1 hour and 45 min. run and I felt really good for my run. It was so nice to be outside and I just love listening to my music and thinking.
After my run, Campy and I went on a nice walk and then it was time to get back to homework. I am so ready to have a weekend of no studying!
This morning I slept in. Went to bed at 9:45 and woke up at 6:45. I stayed in bed until 7:10 when I smelled the coffee. Campy stayed in bed until 7:20. :)
I went to the Y for a recovery swim which I debated about last night. I decided I would not swim (or do anything) if I didn't feel like it in the morning but as time went by in the morning, I really wanted to try out my new goggles. I felt really good in the water and did a nice pyramid set of 50 easy, 50 fast, 100 easy, 100 fast, 150 easy, 150 fast. I did that two times, plus warm-up, warm-down and a 300 kick. I finished with 2100 yards and did some core. I was really glad I gave myself a little extra sleep in the morning and I am looking forward to a good week of training...and studying :(