Alfalfa Sprouts, Tofu Salad - Creations

Based on the name, I don't think my salad could be any more "vegetarian". I don't know why alfalfa sprouts and tofu get a bad reputation...as if only vegetarians can enjoy two amazing foods which contain great nutrients?!?!?
Did you know that 1 cup of alfalfa sprouts contains 3g protein?
Or that 1 cup contains 25% of your daily intake of vitamin C?
I just love fruits and veggies.....there is so much goodness found in food straight from the earth. For me, personally, I know that my body loves food that contains little to no ingredients. Because of my plant-based diet (which is balanced with whole grains, healthy carbs, healthy fats, and quality protein), I experience very little sweet cravings and feel really in-tune with my appetite and every day nutrient needs. Even when I do enjoy something that is not in my typical diet, it is really easy to quickly feel satisfied. I can't say that my current daily diet happened overnight, but with meals like tonight....I can't help but love the food that I put inside my body. And Karel enjoyed the salad as well!