Tofu salad w/ brown rice

What a weekend. My eyes are heavy.....despite getting 9 1/2 hrs of sleep last night.
To take me away from my studying life, I had several athletes racing this weekend. Talk about a quick adrenaline rush, after my 15 mile run this am (1 hr and 55 min) I anxiously waited for two of my athletes to text me. Finally...in the middle of my studying, I received a text from each Lisa and Taryn letting me know that they both PR'd in the Rock N' Roll half marathon in Arizona this morning! Congrats to Taryn for breaking 2 hours (1:56) and to Lisa for a 30-min PR (2:06). Talk about putting the training to the test. Way to go girls!
In the south, Gary had a 10K PR! At the young age of 62, Gary amazes me after every training session and race. With an official time of 49:55, for a 8:02 mile/pace, Gary finally broke the 50 min 10K time!
Congrats Gary, Taryn and Lisa!!
Oh...also a BIG congrats to Ange (Angela Bancroft) for running a 3:10 marathon this weekend!! Ange was the first person I worked with on nutrition (sports nutrition) and we have developed a wonderful relationship over the past several years. We have worked together on training/racing nutrition for her first IM, Kona, IM WC 70.3 and lots of other events and she always amazes me. She has an amazing coach (Jen Harrison) and I am so happy to hear that this mom of 3 had a 17 min PR! Congrats Ange!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! This is my LAST week of Long Term Care!! Bear with me as I am both overwhelmed and nervous about starting at St. Vincent's hospital next week and changing up my lifestyle routine...once again. Although I have 7 months of interning and 2 rotations behind me, I have a feeling this is going to be one of the most stressful, busy, exciting and overwhelming experiences in my life. I thought graduate school was tough....but I think becoming a Registered Dietitian is right there beside getting my MS in Exercise Physiology.

I made the most delicious salad the other night. I absolutely LOVED my cherry, orange and tofu salad so I repeated the salad (same ingredients as my Winter Salad blog post) but topped the salad with a scoop of cooked brown rice. YUMMM, so comforting!